97-year-old American high school diploma to get the old man – how can you make learning slag?

Frederick L Gray, a World War II veteran, recently realized his dream of nearly a century: finishing high school.

This seems incomprehensible to the Chinese people because many Chinese have given up learning before they reach the age of 30 because they think ‘studying now is too late.’ But in fact, no matter at school or at the completion of dreams, it is not finished at any age.

For this old man, without this high school diploma, he is just an ordinary World War II veteran, and with this diploma, the world knows there is such a person who dreams of efforts. Than the 88-year-old founder of KFC, the spirit of the elderly is indeed commendable.

Of course, you may say 97 years old, high school graduation does not make sense. Oh, meaning? Can you explain to me what is the meaning? 18-year-old high school graduation is higher than the 97-year-old graduation? No, no, I do not think so, life, since alive, you have to work hard to do something, eat and die, it is really the greatest desecration of life.