At the beginning of 2015, Alibaba, which has just been listed for a few months, started a war of words with the General Administration. Since ancient times, civilians do not fight with officials, hawkers do not fight with the city, businesses do not fight with business has become a provergy, and Alibaba actually still chose to counterattack on SAIC. Is Alibaba selling things to sell wood, that the SAIC is also a seller that they can also make bad comments to the SAIC it?

Of course, this is not possible, in this war, Alibaba should have no odds. Because SAIC is not a good person, but fortunately, the current legal environment has improved, otherwise it will be rectified directly to you.

But having said that Taobao selling fakes, since ancient times is the traditional, SAIC said Taobao selling fakes, it touches no wrong Taobao, I am not a veteran of online shopping, in the past ten years of online shopping, and indeed do buy a lot Fakes such as refurbished phones, high imitation brand-name shoes (to say a penalty of fake ten). Taobao’s letter of contention, it seems that meaning, SAIC against Taobao. This is like selling fakes in a street, business came, caught a family, this one shouting grievances on the grounds that: others are also selling, why do not you catch them?

Indeed, this is a bit unfair. However, it is a fact that Taobao really floats on fake goods. It is not ruled that the SAIC can use its big stores to kill chickens and marmosets in order to prevent other shops from saying “Why do not you catch Taobao?”. Although Taobao’s products are not self-operated Taobao, with Taobao limited supervision of billions of people’s goods is indeed very difficult, but the fake quantity is so high, Taobao’s ineffective supervision is inevitable. Nowadays, Taobao has become bigger and bigger, so it is hard to say that it supports Taobao, because … I TM is an ordinary citizen’s point of view. Is also a victim!