Aston Martin was recalled due to parts manufactured in Shenzhen factory failed, the Chinese team also scolded

Read the news, the first reaction is: keep abreast of the Chinese people will again curse miserable, all kinds of Chinese bad-footed remarks, all kinds of self-insight into the world of speech will be filled with follow-up area. However, this is no wonder users, now popular curse China, as if not curse is five hair.

A look, really …

But the question is, why are most of the same parts made in China (actually produced by Foxconn), sold worldwide, Apple mobile phones, but widely sought after? Of course, angry with the army also said that China can not make Apple software, only low-tech hardware … but I was talking about another thing, right? This is like saying with our leaders that China’s housing prices are expensive and that the leaders say that Russia is more expensive. We say that all the people in Russia are free and the leaders say Ethiopia is not free … In short, it is a trivial matter. It seems that living in such a country, everyone, are inevitably infected with such a habit.

At this moment, I found out that I am also saying another thing …

Back to the topic, I want to say is that out of such a large area of ​​recall, and the problem has existed for 5 years. Attributing the problem to a parts manufacturer is beyond all imagination. Only such a question shows that Aston Martin’s quality control department is a group of foodies. It may take only a week to check whether a part is qualified, but it took them five years to find out.

In fact, this top luxury cars, some time may not be better than the production of cars to go, such as today’s another news, Aston Martin, the dog to eat bad.

Is not to describe, is really gnawed the dog bad, the wheel at the top of the position, what is the material? Or that the dog jaw bite ability is too strong?

So, these are the happy moment today, today’s work, so happy! I finally find my morning time!