I Really Like the New Neighbors

In the past I always had the neighbors that I hated, the ones that were always fighting or were having parties in the middle of a work night. I once lived next to these guys who would work until 11 or 12 every night and then party until the break of day unless the police came to break it up. These two girls do make some noise, but so far I have got along great with them. The first day I met them one of them was sunbathing totally nude on the balcony, an escort service near Salt Lake City pays them do pretty much what they have done for me because they were bored and buzzed from drinking. They told me that just because they worked for an escort service it did not mean that you could pay for whatever you wanted, they work bachelor parties and that sort of thing mostly. Apparently they work at some club when they feel like it, but they get their names on the sign out front.

Neither one of them can cook to save their lives, which is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I used to work at a really expensive Italian restaurant and I can cook very well, not quite well enough to be called a chef perhaps. At any rate I made the two of them a terrific meal, if I say so myself and ever since then they have appointed me to be their private chef. I asked them what the job paid and they told me I could quit if I was not entertained. It is better for me if one of them is working, because that way I try to get them to drink a little more than they should. My batting average is rather low, but I am happy with it any way.


I Sort of Like It out Here

Of course when I got out here I was sort of expecting the stereotypes when it came to my customers, and of course we get more than our share of rich white guys who want us to look after their money. I got a client who gets more than her fair share of individual attention though. She is maybe around thirty five and the girl is talking about retiring. I guess that she has the money to do it. Right now she is running an escort service near Provo UT, although it seems to me like they overstate how much most of these girls will actually do. Most of them are hardly escorts at all, they just take their clothes off at your bachelor party for the most part. In fact this woman seems to have been doing that since she was 18 years old and she has done quite well with her money without much help from anyone like me.

I had to admit to being fascinated by her and told her it was the first time that I ever wanted to ask a client for a lap dance. She thought this was funny, and of course she had told me all about herself and her business. At any rate the next evening I answered my door and an incredibly beautiful girl was standing there wearing a long trenchcoat. She smiled and walked past me. After she gave me what I asked for she asked me what I had done to merit a free dance. I just told her that I was her boss’ wealth management adviser. She laughed and said that she had everything that she needed in her car. She had all her assets listed on a sheet of paper and told me that she was looking for a new stockbroker. She then looked me over and told me I was cute.


I Found a Great Summer Job This Year

If I had a choice I would have stuck around the campus to get a couple of classes that I sort of need. In fact sticking around would not have gotten me that much closer to the goal, but I need some money if I am going to be able to focus on the back stretch of my college career. I can finish my degree in computer in just over two semesters if I really focus. Right now I am going to get some credits online, in fact I made some money working on betting sites with this guy that I know too. I am not quite sure what he was up to exactly, but the gist of it was fairly obvious. The guy dropped out of school about a year ago and since then he has been making his living playing poker, mostly on the web and some of the time he does it in real life.

I do not think he would get away with what this seems to be in the real world. If you go in a casino they have three guys watching you and nine guys watching the guys who are watching you and then there are 27 guys and a million cameras watching everyone. If you sneeze they have some guy analyze it to make sure you are not making a signal to a crooked dealer. At any rate what he wants is something to help him do the odds easier. He can do this stuff, but it takes some effort for most people. The real pros do it as easily as you or I breathe in. This way he seems to be able to play on more than one site at the same moment, without stressing himself out about getting the math right and so forth.


I Turned Down a Really Nice Looking Bribe

I got a really interesting offer while I was in Nevada, but the other guy had not really thought things through and he did not know how things worked. He showed up at the meeting and my intention was to blow him off, because I was not interested in the deal he was proposing. He brought a date though, an extremely attractive Asian lady he had found on the web page of a Las Vegas escort service. I did not really care if he had a date, but I would have been interested in the offer if he had also been able to produce a deal that I could have take to Jake and Susan at the home office.