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Since the installation of a go-kart, Storm video collapsed all day long

Storm video has always been no problem, even though I use the Win8 system, but since I installed the kart, I found Storm video began to collapse, the beginning is a three-minute avalanche, and then a one-minute collapse, the final change Collapsed on an open.

I think this is a system problem caused by too much system dll and sound effects when running karting, so I want to delete the kart. But when I deleted it, Win8 prompts that I do not have administrator privileges!

I am Japanese, why is not this computer my administrator? Well, I set about … But when I need to set up I think of it, I Le to go, I fucking do not know where the Win8 administrator settings ah! !

Two rows of tears rolling down, the book used to hate less ah, why I did not study in the University of Win8 operating system this course? Because … 咦? It seems that time did not have this course! I rely on, how else, what is the Ministry of Education to eat? Do not know Microsoft in 2012 to launch Win8 it? Why do not make an advance? Now that I can not delete the kart, I feel very painful and very helpless, are you in charge?

… Oh, nothing, and later deleted, however, Storm video or repeated collapse. Zhenni Ma served, is it because I recharge members? ?

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Aston Martin was recalled due to parts manufactured in Shenzhen factory failed, the Chinese team also scolded

Read the news, the first reaction is: keep abreast of the Chinese people will again curse miserable, all kinds of Chinese bad-footed remarks, all kinds of self-insight into the world of speech will be filled with follow-up area. However, this is no wonder users, now popular curse China, as if not curse is five hair.

A look, really …

But the question is, why are most of the same parts made in China (actually produced by Foxconn), sold worldwide, Apple mobile phones, but widely sought after? Of course, angry with the army also said that China can not make Apple software, only low-tech hardware … but I was talking about another thing, right? This is like saying with our leaders that China’s housing prices are expensive and that the leaders say that Russia is more expensive. We say that all the people in Russia are free and the leaders say Ethiopia is not free … In short, it is a trivial matter. It seems that living in such a country, everyone, are inevitably infected with such a habit.

At this moment, I found out that I am also saying another thing …

Back to the topic, I want to say is that out of such a large area of ​​recall, and the problem has existed for 5 years. Attributing the problem to a parts manufacturer is beyond all imagination. Only such a question shows that Aston Martin’s quality control department is a group of foodies. It may take only a week to check whether a part is qualified, but it took them five years to find out.

In fact, this top luxury cars, some time may not be better than the production of cars to go, such as today’s another news, Aston Martin, the dog to eat bad.

Is not to describe, is really gnawed the dog bad, the wheel at the top of the position, what is the material? Or that the dog jaw bite ability is too strong?

So, these are the happy moment today, today’s work, so happy! I finally find my morning time!

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97-year-old American high school diploma to get the old man – how can you make learning slag?

Frederick L Gray, a World War II veteran, recently realized his dream of nearly a century: finishing high school.

This seems incomprehensible to the Chinese people because many Chinese have given up learning before they reach the age of 30 because they think ‘studying now is too late.’ But in fact, no matter at school or at the completion of dreams, it is not finished at any age.

For this old man, without this high school diploma, he is just an ordinary World War II veteran, and with this diploma, the world knows there is such a person who dreams of efforts. Than the 88-year-old founder of KFC, the spirit of the elderly is indeed commendable.

Of course, you may say 97 years old, high school graduation does not make sense. Oh, meaning? Can you explain to me what is the meaning? 18-year-old high school graduation is higher than the 97-year-old graduation? No, no, I do not think so, life, since alive, you have to work hard to do something, eat and die, it is really the greatest desecration of life.

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You unscrupulous journalists, is not there a female boss running you say beauty boss?

Saw an article about Zhejiang beauty boss Yu Youjing running news. If you see it, these unscrupulous headline party reporters must add the words “beauty boss.”

Into the look, just want to say no map you say a dick, the results of the brush out, even a black and white photos. Look at the appearance, outsole can only be used “flat” summed up, do not say because of her $ _ owed 150 million road runway, it has become the beauty owner?

As for why the woman ran the road, went to somewhere, the news is not detailed. Because recently read a lot of gambling novels, plus himself also wrote a gambling novel, the general feeling of such news my first feeling is because runders owed gambling debts. If a person owes 150 million because of gambling, then this person has lost more than 150 million.

However, I do not really care about the real reason why the beauty owner runs the road. I mainly wrote such an article, not to comment on my boss’s way out. I mainly want to express my strong condemnation of the reporter of the title party. Condemned to die you!

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Fighting youth climb the nation

Because of the recent tense situation in areas bordering Russia and Ukraine, Netease did not know what the purpose was for such a ‘Skywalker’ project, mainly to show photos taken by a group of young Russians who climbed high as they climbed . Look at these photos light to feel scared.

But then again, these guys are called Skywalker, probably because they are young and handsome, and they are dressed in fashion. You know, in China there is something called a crane. The driver of such things, as well as some aerial work Migrant workers have the same climbing skills as or even surpassing them, but they are not called Skywalker, but are called ‘migrant workers’.

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The mainstream media began to report the phenomenon of ghost town, Is this a precursor to real estate collapse?

There are many ghost towns in China, and everyone knows this. In fact, these two words ghost town, do not use quotes, the general Chinese also know what it is. Not to say that the city of ghosts live, but rather that the vacancy rate of commercial housing is extremely high.
Ghost town among the more famous is the Ordos. In addition, Weihai, Shandong’s ghost city is also more famous, I have seen the street distribution of Weihai Seaview room advertising, advertisements actually impressively wrote ‘occupy China’s one-thirtieth of the coastline.’ I do not know why the teacher who wrote the advertisement is geographically taught why he compiled such a science-fiction-like slogan … Although the total length of the coastline in China is inconclusive so far (because of the geographical approximation that the coastline can not specifically measure this theory ), But definitely not so short. The slightest advertisement, but also proves the mentality of real estate sales of those houses: open flicker, can sell a set is a. After the customer bought, what control him later. However, Weihai, Shandong really some people buy the house, I do not know what those buyers feel now … …
In fact, with the hot real estate, overcapacity situation has actually happened, last year’s property prices in Dongguan have declined, and then the anti-vice in Dongguan, Dongguan will certainly be on the slump property market even worse. Now that the property market in Hangzhou is also starting to cut prices, coupled with news that the mainstream media have been reporting ghost towns for several days in a row, it is not hard to find the report that Pan Shiyi sold his real estate together with the just-started reports on the real estate of the two sessions and Yu Zhengsheng The signal released by the policy.
Although many people like to hear about the collapse of the real estate industry, I actually think that the ups and downs have a great harm to the market and people. But then again, over the years, the so-called real estate collapse signal has been released non-stop, property prices are getting higher and higher, with the cost of living followed by raised to an unimaginable extent – the so-called price rise Like hair, the salary is rising like eyebrows …
Well, let the signal continue to release it, I still buy a note lottery pressure shock.

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Plot continues to progress, and now even the issue of ancestral graves have also been turned out

The article begins with Zhou Yuangen’s younger brother Zhou Yuanxing’s funeral, in particular, shows the Zhou Yuanxing’s funeral, Zhou Yuangen and Zhou Yuanqing did not appear. In addition, also specifically in the text that his eldest brother Zhou Yuangen “because of the same name with classmates, changed the rustic name”
In addition, there is another sentence: “Most of them now have lost their personal freedom.”
Next, the article began to say Zhou Yuangen nephew Zhou Xiaohua acting Wuliangye, playing police, taking money to pay people and other ‘performance’, and did not forget to add a “local people reflect the reputation of Zhou Jia is not good, many times took the money did not do succeed”.
Then, I began to say that Zhou was repairing ancestral tombs in 1990 because Zhou Yuangen was fortunate enough to say that his grave was not good. Then the article also specifically stated that in 2009, Zhou Jiazu grave was dug in a rainy hole! However, this issue does not seem to focus on the tunnel, the focus is the next article also revealed that the police on the road leading to the grave and Zhou Jia security camera.
Could it be that the survey has gradually been on the surface since 2009? Still have other reasons? Reporter, but you understand that point to understand, ah, you say so, tell us the masses of these unknown facts how to guess? At that time Zhou Yongkang is still the core of power, oh, forgot, I should say Zhou Yuangen … Do not forget to repost over 500.
Then, after a full four years, on December 7, 2013, Zhou was copied. Local ‘extremely shocked’.
Read the entire article, I can only say that the amount of information is too large, writers calm, all the information disclosed in the article. But I believe next, there will be a greater amount of information one after another.
Article title is ‘Uncle Zhou Bin uncle were copied’ – Yesterday I saw his uncles exposure, but also that a few days to expose his uncle. Only then did he realize that his second uncle was already dead, so his next goal was only Zhou Bin himself.
Two sessions in progress, the plot progress, continued attention.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 lost even more suspense events

I can not remember the total number of versions. Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government have shown that they have rejected all kinds of assertions, and a few days have since begun to confirm the assertions they previously denied.

These two days again began to say that two pilots were suspected of being hijackers, and then added that the two pilots had never cooperated before, and that the captain’s home was searched again.

Also, the radar tracking record of the flight started out as disappearing into the sea of ​​Vietnam and Malaysia; then it said it flew to Malacca; it then flew to the Andaman Islands in India; then it said another flight to the Indian Ocean And then said they flew to the border between China and Kazakhstan. There is another news today that they have flown to the south of Mongolia. Afterward, this is not the only possibility. Malaysia has drawn two lines on the map of the world. When I look at these two lines, the pictures are probably more than 20 centimeters long, but the map of the world is 30 centimeters. That is to say, Malaysia marked the location basically across the Eurasian continent and the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and Part of the Atlantic – When I think of all the previous incidents and the various dissatisfaction with my family, I would like to ask if Malaysia is playing a role. How do you feel that Malaysia is deliberately … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Do not fly, really TMD does not fly, this incident made my impression of Malaysia very poor, very irresponsible, very unreliable feeling.

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South Korea to apply for warm kang, really 屌 fried days

A few days ago seems to be applying for world cultural heritage for kimchi, there is no success, and now set the target on the kang. Oh … Korean side called warm kang. Feel South Korea apply for World Heritage in these years with the crazy like this much more humble to what extent, so care about this cultural heritage ah? What’s more, there is absolutely no evidence that this cultural heritage was invented by Koreans.
Recalling the 2002 World Cup two shaking match, really on South Korea’s sense of national inferiority and unscrupulous have a more in-depth understanding. Prior to the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics on the movable type printing display is not enough cattle, and now even kang technology have to rob. Rely on, a few days should not even aquarius digging technology you have to insist, right?

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“Life Big Bang” was forcibly removed because the review failed

Earlier, the media reported that the “Big Bang Life” was not able to be released again in China because the censorship failed. Even the contents of the video site were withdrawn. This news I’ve seen all along, because this kind of thing is normal, so I did not even cause much attention to me.

Later on, another piece of news came out with the title of “transmitting the” big bang in life “that CCTV has already introduced to resist the tri-custom.

At that time I smiled and smiled, three vulgar? What a joke, every day at seven o’clock, who put all three customs throughout the day? Also said that the other three vulgar? If you want to ban broadcast on the ban, now possessed, but also the entire cut version, if the Aoi teacher’s love action piece an important part (that is, the so-called three vulgar part) to delete, then this love action movie can also call love action What? At best, it’s a mere micro movie with a poor storyline. So, do not blame the American director if you look at the cut-out version of Life’s Big Bang, and you do not know the truth … because the key truth is cut.

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Online games will kill? No, people will kill

A few days ago, a murder case was uncovered in Guangzhou and criminals killed a family of six. At that time read the news, the first impression is revenge, because barefoot climbed up to the 22nd floor to enter, this must be a great enemy.

Unexpectedly, after the case was solved, the assassination of the murderer turned out to be … … in order to upgrade online games equipment.

Many people say that online games are spiritual opium, but in fact I do not think people say so serious, look around, especially the office white-collar workers, probably more than half have played online games. Most people are mainly entertainment, really indulge them, with very few. Like the words of Andy in The King of War, “Tobacco kills more people than I do, and I wonder why I buy weapons is illegal.” Gun will not kill people will kill. Into this case is the same, addicted to online games, then move the evil idea. This is not the problem of online games – I do not believe that people who play online games will be burglary in order to upgrade, killing arson. This is only a case, but then again, those online games operators really dark enough to upgrade a weapon, equipment and the like, the success rate is very low, hit a few tens of thousands are trivial. What is more, in order to play online games smashing hundreds of thousands of people are also there, there is no exaggeration to sell the house to buy equipment is not without (when the legendary play some people do it). So, I just want to say to the friends who play games, keep calm, the game just …

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New York subway derailment, South Korea subway accident, this happened in China

If these two cases occurred in China, from the government to the construction side, they would all be scolded. I was surprised to find out that I could imagine all kinds of voices after the accident. First, I scammed to cut corners and then mismanaged them. Finally, I cursed Subway system corrupt … But then, according to colleague returned from business on the United States, the New York Subway ragged, it seems far below the quality of the Beijing subway. According to the New York municipal government should be very wealthy, do not know why the people’s livelihood in New York subway is so ragged.

Just make another few remarks, along with see if I can barely boast a few words of China. Suddenly found that today there have been many serious accidents in China, Shanghai’s collapsed houses, Hengyang’s hacking cases … alas …

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I heard North Korea’s only fat sick

The only fat man in North Korea, Kim Sang Fat, the news of the sick, netizens feel that the Golden Triple Fat how ill so light, while some users are thinking, is not Kim San Fat hung up, North Korea liberated …

Kim Sam-fat is known as the world’s most powerful 80 after, but in fact to see his living conditions, it is not good, as a person his life flies fearful, as a head of state he failed (almost never I heard that North Korea met with leaders of other countries, are three fat in their own countries, turn around, and even Rodman this notorious sports stars have to get three fat personally, a grand meeting).

As North Korea’s only fat man – it is no exaggeration, North Korea, not a fat man seen on television, the media, and even Zhang Chengze, Cui Longhai are not fat, the entire North Korea, only golden three fat. So, one conclusion that can be drawn is that North Korea’s doctors have extremely scarce experience in the treatment of obesity. This is indeed something delightful.

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Russia parade, a strange feeling arises spontaneously

At first glance, it is thought to be North Korea because North Korea prefers this formalism, its military parade, its large mobilization, and its fight against the U.S. imperialist pledging conference.
Look at the picture, it really is like North Korea, square array neatly arranged.
If we look at the numbers again, we will know that it is not North Korea. As the headline says, “there are over 10,000 people.” For such a number, not enough gold three fat crowd when watching a lot of travel it. Compared with the cosmic powerhouse North Korea, it is indeed far behind.
However, during the time when the dispute in Crimea was alarming, such a move by Russia was quite demonstrating. However, since everybody says you are a fighting nation, why do you want to do this? In accordance with the logic of conventional fighting nation, can we start, is not it noisy?

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Russia parade, a strange feeling arises spontaneously


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Huang Haobo was admitted to education for six months, “shelter education” is terrible ……

A few days ago, users have been behind Huang Haibo, said fifteen days later is a hero, but the result of fifteen days in the past, Huang Haibo’s state has become even worse – for education. And it’s for at least six months.

Some time ago, I do not remember the specific time point. I only remember one day of a certain year in a year. According to the news, the system of detention of labor camps was canceled. All reeducation through labor personnel were dissolved in place and returned to freedom. At that time, I was fortunate to reiterate that punishments of reeducation through labor between the rule of law and rule of man were finally canceled. No, until the sixteenth day after Huang Haibo was detained, I learned that there is still a “shelter education”. Immediately checked the information and found that the so-called accommodation education is based on the so-called “education” in a way that limits personal freedom and arranges collective work. This seems to be no different from that of labor camp. Here I still have to thank Huang Haibo. Otherwise, I really believe that there is no longer a labor camp in this country. However, I wonder is that in law, since it has already been detained, even if it is punished, it is still not necessary to limit the freedom of solicitation to such crimes against society to six months to two years Horrified? To know that the crime of alcoholism and driving was only six months, and the dangers of drunk driving is obviously higher than prostitution. And another thing I wonder is that it seems that among the various rumors, the anti-vice arrested were detained for fine and did not seem to have heard of anyone who had been sent to shelter for prostitution for two years … So I really wanted to know One of the stories: Huang Haibo what offended? In the five-star hotel was reported, reported after the national media coverage, detained for 15 days, reputation deodorant, unexpectedly still face six months to two years of admission education. Hippo, what have you done, been done like this?

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Zhaoyuan blood case: this world is terrible

A few years ago, I had passed this place called Zhaoyuan, and now I carefully recall that, apart from a few buildings, I have no other profound impression. Did not expect a few years later, turned out to be such a thing, so I once again concerned about this place.

When the news was first announced, I thought there was a vengeance between the murderer and the victim – because it was said that all the family members went on to fight and what kind of family dispute they thought they had. To announce the follow-up information to find out, the original murderer and the victim did not know between, because of a phone number …

Think about often go to eat McDonald’s home, not help from the creeps, there are always young lad to find a girl to call, think of it, not by the horror … the world is terrible. Such a subtle matter, unexpectedly can incur the curse of killing themselves. That is how ordinary people survive?
In the news and commentary of the major forums, many netizens are saying that this family has the power and the news may be blocked. However, I think that with the current public opinion and the rule of law, What the background is estimated to escape the French. The reason why such a speech is widely circulated on the Internet and of course we can not all blame the netizens because the society is too dark has led to the first thought that everyone came out of as long as the public security code was handed over to the public.
As the follow-up reports unfold, another source said that the murderer was a member of a cult and read a reporter’s interview with his video and found that his answer to the question was incredible. The report also said that neighbors said that this person usually looks normal … … said that I think of my surroundings are looking normal. Fear of fear, this world is really terrible …

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Taxi strike protest: Why McDonald’s strike does not protest KFC?

A few days after the opening in 015, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao and other places in the taxi strike, protest car rental, protesting his job robbed.

My job was robbed, so I need to protest, this logic seems to be impeccable. However, everyone knows that McDonald’s and KFC are competitors, but why McDonald’s did not strike to protest KFC competition? After all, KFC left a large number of customers McDonald’s source, resulting in McDonald’s revenue plummeted.

In fact, the question of why McDonald’s does not protest against KFC was raised. Most people can easily think of the fact that they can maintain their income through fair competition. There is no need for a strike that can not hurt but defeat itself. But the problem is that the same reason pushed to the taxi body, but why it does not work: Taxi can not compete with the drop car, the reason is very simple, taxi every day to make money, hundreds, one day for rent Car drivers every day to remove fuel, money molecules, the basic income is cut above the waist, it is no wonder that their hearts are dissatisfied, began to protest. But protesting taxi company money is of course ineffective in the eyes of taxi drivers because they worry about being kicked out of the industry after they have been stripped of protest money and have lost their jobs – then the problem is that traffic Which monopoly strong? Of course, second to none taxi. Now the situation can be understood as a black boss to win a gang of younger brother to help themselves work, the younger paid monthly protection fee, if one day the brothers found someone to grab business, they will immediately tell the boss, the boss will start Deal with the matter, this situation has lasted for many years, until the drop car appeared. Boss found that this is not a very good deal, and so tell the little brothers: protection fees continue to charge, I can not control this matter, you find me again, protection costs doubled. Naturally, the younger brothers did not dare to mass protest against the elders because they were scared. Therefore, they had no choice but to protest collectively and threaten the other elders. They said we should eat and others would not let us eat, so we protest!

Then, as a result of the protest, the taxi made a little less money a day ago, but then again I felt that the advent of a drop-in car was an opportunity for the reform of the taxi industry. Just as Yuen Po pushed forward bank reform, Car, will also be an opportunity for the taxi industry reform.

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Sagittarius Sichuan hunting club legendary 100,000, after the meeting can fight … … pigs

A few months ago to see the relevant reports, the report is from the gun control point of view, I remember that article mentioned that some people in order to hunt, to go home, basically wife and daughter scattered, and then use this example to illustrate the charm of hunting How big And in my opinion, playing anything, are likely to be disillusioned, what to play antiques, football, and even Mahjong poker caused by the wife and children scattered, but also greatly, and the hunting itself has little to do with personal self-control and way of doing things There is actually a close relationship between.

Today, NetEase released a set of hunting club pictures, do not know what to put or what is going on. However, even if it is pendulum, it is hard to avoid the fact that they are using pigs as prey.

A few brawny men, with their shotguns, walked into the sparsely jungle, and then went on to play animals that would otherwise have been offensive … Oh, I suddenly realized that the reason why this club annual 100,000, because there is a chance to play a gun. In China, the temptation to play a gun is bigger than killing a pig. Also, the figure that buddy, distance of three meters I feel a little bit far, in case of a partial miss a bullet, why not pick it up, the muzzle at Pig’s head? A little noise when shooting, do not frighten the dog. In case the dog was terrified, it was discovered by the dog lover. Others claimed that you should not abuse the dog, and then want to take away your gun. You say you give or not?

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Alibaba VS SAIC

At the beginning of 2015, Alibaba, which has just been listed for a few months, started a war of words with the General Administration. Since ancient times, civilians do not fight with officials, hawkers do not fight with the city, businesses do not fight with business has become a provergy, and Alibaba actually still chose to counterattack on SAIC. Is Alibaba selling things to sell wood, that the SAIC is also a seller that they can also make bad comments to the SAIC it?

Of course, this is not possible, in this war, Alibaba should have no odds. Because SAIC is not a good person, but fortunately, the current legal environment has improved, otherwise it will be rectified directly to you.

But having said that Taobao selling fakes, since ancient times is the traditional, SAIC said Taobao selling fakes, it touches no wrong Taobao, I am not a veteran of online shopping, in the past ten years of online shopping, and indeed do buy a lot Fakes such as refurbished phones, high imitation brand-name shoes (to say a penalty of fake ten). Taobao’s letter of contention, it seems that meaning, SAIC against Taobao. This is like selling fakes in a street, business came, caught a family, this one shouting grievances on the grounds that: others are also selling, why do not you catch them?

Indeed, this is a bit unfair. However, it is a fact that Taobao really floats on fake goods. It is not ruled that the SAIC can use its big stores to kill chickens and marmosets in order to prevent other shops from saying “Why do not you catch Taobao?”. Although Taobao’s products are not self-operated Taobao, with Taobao limited supervision of billions of people’s goods is indeed very difficult, but the fake quantity is so high, Taobao’s ineffective supervision is inevitable. Nowadays, Taobao has become bigger and bigger, so it is hard to say that it supports Taobao, because … I TM is an ordinary citizen’s point of view. Is also a victim!