Getting the Best TV View – Twist The TV Wall Mount with Cheetah ALAMLB

The Cheetah ALAMLB TV Wall Mount, supporting 23”-55” LCD and LED TVs, offers a unique feature of fully rotating ball head, which rotates 360 degrees and enables the TV to be rotated from portrait to landscape view and vice versa in a zap. What makes it even better is the life time guarantee the company provides for it.

Review of the Cheetah TV wall mount

The Cheetah TV wall mount is made of high quality metal that gives it enormous strength, so that there is no chance of the TV crashing down. The extendible arm enables swiveling and rotating the TV with great agility. Tilting up to 15 degrees at either ways is possible. The wing pieces on the arms are detachable.

The packaging for the product is done so well and neatly by the company, by including all hardware needed for fittings, that it’s really commendable. Manual included has all instruction in clear English in very legible fonts. A high speed, jacketed HDMI Ethernet cable is included too. To make mounting leveled the company also includes a 6” 3-axis magnetic bubble level.

The mount is fit and powerful to support TVs of various sizes from 23” to 55”, and is perfect to support the weight of the varied range and sizes of TVs with its adjustable wings.


  • Strong make and design
  • Articulating extension head that gives the TV great rotation, swivel and tilt
  • All required hardware for installation included in package
  • Lifetime guarantee of the manufacturer
  • Extension of 20” possible from wall, and contraction of the arm by 2.4” possible too
  • It fits 23” – 55” LED and LCD TVs
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Includes HDMI jack


The product is nearly perfect to point out scopes for more perfection.

All in all it’s a perfect piece of metal to give total support to all LED and LCD TVs together with giving them, smooth rotation and tilt.