Golden Best Investment Group: Looks like a new record in China’s fraud has taken place

A few days ago, the major media are reporting a fraud – Golden Delicious Group fraud. According to the data that has been exposed, the reported amount of 539 million yuan, a total of more than 36,000 people reported. Note that 36,000 people are reported nationwide, not 36,000 victims. In other words, the theoretical number of victims should go far beyond this figure.

When I think of the bankruptcy of small loan companies and the running of guarantee companies from time to time, I gradually or slowly realized that there was a problem that many hard-working, reckless people earned , Eventually by some poor quality, insatiable, gambler to spend. Moreover, it seems that the more advanced the financial industry, the more serious the situation is. Just as Madoff, a prominent investor in the early 2000s, touted a fund of 10% annual growth, Wall Street considered him a genius for a time, but after a few years of being a genius, the guy was arrested because what he called The investment model simply demolishes the wall to make up the western wall. Once people ask to see the four walls at the same time, the lies will go bankrupt.

Often, the biggest feature of such first-time fraudsters is courageous and gambling. A small number of gamblers, standing on top of high stands, are well-dressed, pointing their heads to the public in a nonsense language – but the public still believes because he won the bet. The general public saw the appearance of this ‘elite’ in a short time Jiang Fortune turned N + 1 times, and in a sense, sometimes the probability of success of such gamblers is almost took 1 million in Macau Even pushing seven baccarat, pushed to 128 million (I know the limited casino in Macau, is an example), outsiders said that his short-term principal has more than 100 times, so more people flocked to. In fact, the vast majority of gamblers, all dead children are not left, or else the news will not have so much running, bankruptcy, jumped the news of the building.

But then again, after all, I still admire those gamblers, of which a handful of success naturally depends on luck, but more still win the courage – no courage, nature will never miss this opportunity. At the same time, however, I still despise the character of such people, because they have come to gamble, not their own money, but the sweat of others. They lost the most but shot, but the victim, may fall into the embarrassment of life, unable to stand up. Actually, when you want to invest in some kind of financial product with a high expectation return, you should make it clear that you are actually involved in a gamble instead of an investment. Sometimes, rather than take 100% of your annual net income, it would be better to take out an insidious two dollars and buy a two-color ball ……