Hua Guang lottery bonus 500 million suicide, it is a novel domestic news yet

Suddenly found a news today: “masons to buy lottery tickets in 5 million yuan 2 years of sunshine to sleep on rails commit suicide,” even feel very strange – in the grand prize and then spend bonuses seems to have a very broad coverage of the United States a lot The case, and I remember a very interesting survey found that in a few years, those who have a great living conditions are often not good before winning.

But the reason why I say this news novelty is because: This is the domestic news. This government credibility almost eradicated the era of lottery credibility is naturally not high, of course, there is no lack of market shady market, but this does not affect the lottery sales have been climbing high, according to my understanding, even if there are shady, so many years, it is unlikely Each period is shady, the total winner is the real reeling winners. In fact, from the data of foreign countries, it is not necessarily the perfect thing to flew into the windfall. Buy a lottery this hit Universiade thing, once hit, it may not be a good thing.

Here to talk about today, I have to go downstairs to buy Zhang lottery tickets, while a lottery.