I Found a Great Summer Job This Year

If I had a choice I would have stuck around the campus to get a couple of classes that I sort of need. In fact sticking around would not have gotten me that much closer to the goal, but I need some money if I am going to be able to focus on the back stretch of my college career. I can finish my degree in computer in just over two semesters if I really focus. Right now I am going to get some credits online, in fact I made some money working on betting sites with this guy that I know too. I am not quite sure what he was up to exactly, but the gist of it was fairly obvious. The guy dropped out of school about a year ago and since then he has been making his living playing poker, mostly on the web and some of the time he does it in real life.

I do not think he would get away with what this seems to be in the real world. If you go in a casino they have three guys watching you and nine guys watching the guys who are watching you and then there are 27 guys and a million cameras watching everyone. If you sneeze they have some guy analyze it to make sure you are not making a signal to a crooked dealer. At any rate what he wants is something to help him do the odds easier. He can do this stuff, but it takes some effort for most people. The real pros do it as easily as you or I breathe in. This way he seems to be able to play on more than one site at the same moment, without stressing himself out about getting the math right and so forth.