I heard North Korea’s only fat sick

The only fat man in North Korea, Kim Sang Fat, the news of the sick, netizens feel that the Golden Triple Fat how ill so light, while some users are thinking, is not Kim San Fat hung up, North Korea liberated …

Kim Sam-fat is known as the world’s most powerful 80 after, but in fact to see his living conditions, it is not good, as a person his life flies fearful, as a head of state he failed (almost never I heard that North Korea met with leaders of other countries, are three fat in their own countries, turn around, and even Rodman this notorious sports stars have to get three fat personally, a grand meeting).

As North Korea’s only fat man – it is no exaggeration, North Korea, not a fat man seen on television, the media, and even Zhang Chengze, Cui Longhai are not fat, the entire North Korea, only golden three fat. So, one conclusion that can be drawn is that North Korea’s doctors have extremely scarce experience in the treatment of obesity. This is indeed something delightful.