“Life Big Bang” was forcibly removed because the review failed

Earlier, the media reported that the “Big Bang Life” was not able to be released again in China because the censorship failed. Even the contents of the video site were withdrawn. This news I’ve seen all along, because this kind of thing is normal, so I did not even cause much attention to me.

Later on, another piece of news came out with the title of “transmitting the” big bang in life “that CCTV has already introduced to resist the tri-custom.

At that time I smiled and smiled, three vulgar? What a joke, every day at seven o’clock, who put all three customs throughout the day? Also said that the other three vulgar? If you want to ban broadcast on the ban, now possessed, but also the entire cut version, if the Aoi teacher’s love action piece an important part (that is, the so-called three vulgar part) to delete, then this love action movie can also call love action What? At best, it’s a mere micro movie with a poor storyline. So, do not blame the American director if you look at the cut-out version of Life’s Big Bang, and you do not know the truth … because the key truth is cut.