“Mainland travel to Hong Kong in March dropped more than 30%” – which is what Hong Kong’s waste youth want?

Mainland travel to Hong Kong in March fell more than 30%

21st Century Business Herald

Tung Yiu-chung, Director-General of the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council, said on April 6 that affected by the “anti-waterlovers” operation, the number of mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong this Easter season dropped sharply by about 20% on a year-on-year basis. The average number of mainland tours to Hong Kong in March this year Day 320, compared with the average daily 470 over the same period last year fell more than 30%. He said mainland tourists’ desire to come to Hong Kong is on the decline, and the number of tourists visiting Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States in Hong Kong also shows signs of decline. Affected tourists and tour groups to reduce the impact of the number of Hong Kong hotel room rates and prices have dropped. Dong Yiu-chung said this is a serious blow to Hong Kong’s travel industry after SARS.

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Mainland users reacted more intensely, all think that Hong Kong should deserve. This is the power of a waste team, a group of Loser, can harm a large group of normal people. Like the Red Guards of that year, a great wave of good people hurt. Funny to put it, look at the so-called deserted mobile video, they are looking for trouble for the object: the woman holding a child, pull the box of the elderly, single weak tourists. What they claim is simple Hong Kong, what they call bravery and holding the banner of civilization? What they do is persecuting women and children. Even the younger, younger tourists are afraid to harass them because they feel they are in danger of being beaten. It is the failure of such a group of wastes to be placed there. The voices of the losers, after being fermented by the media, have become the voice of Hong Kong.

I hope ordinary people in Hong Kong and the Mainland can see this matter in a relatively rational mindset.