Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 lost even more suspense events

I can not remember the total number of versions. Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government have shown that they have rejected all kinds of assertions, and a few days have since begun to confirm the assertions they previously denied.

These two days again began to say that two pilots were suspected of being hijackers, and then added that the two pilots had never cooperated before, and that the captain’s home was searched again.

Also, the radar tracking record of the flight started out as disappearing into the sea of ​​Vietnam and Malaysia; then it said it flew to Malacca; it then flew to the Andaman Islands in India; then it said another flight to the Indian Ocean And then said they flew to the border between China and Kazakhstan. There is another news today that they have flown to the south of Mongolia. Afterward, this is not the only possibility. Malaysia has drawn two lines on the map of the world. When I look at these two lines, the pictures are probably more than 20 centimeters long, but the map of the world is 30 centimeters. That is to say, Malaysia marked the location basically across the Eurasian continent and the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and Part of the Atlantic – When I think of all the previous incidents and the various dissatisfaction with my family, I would like to ask if Malaysia is playing a role. How do you feel that Malaysia is deliberately … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Do not fly, really TMD does not fly, this incident made my impression of Malaysia very poor, very irresponsible, very unreliable feeling.