Mounting TV Much Easier With Videosecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount

Competitive price and design

Mounting LED or LCD TVs on wall needs to be done securely in a sturdy base, so that the danger of the TV smashing down to floor because of weak supports can be totally eliminated. While reviewing the VideoSecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount, I found it is very sturdy, well built with great balance with the options to move your TV at any comfortable angle. It also can be expanded and contracted as required from the wall. The most interesting things about the TV mount are that, it’s a completely DIY set that just anyone can handle, and comes at an exceptionally low price.

Elaborating the impressive features and drawbacks

As this is a quick review of the VideoSecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount, I will cover all the important features of the model, the first being the great sturdy design. High quality metal frame provides great strength. The TV fitted can be flexibly moved to a comfortable height or angle, and the unit can be brought forward from wall for up to 20”. Again it can be contracted 1.9” towards wall to save space. To aid in easy installation the VESA plate which is detachable can be removed.


  • Anyone can install it easily within a very short time
  • Strong metallic frame gives it immense strength
  • Can be used for a wide range of TV sizes from 22’- 42’’
  • Can be contacted and expanded on requirement
  • TV can be swiveled, tilted and rotated easily
  • Very low price which is unexpected because of the high quality of the product
  • Comes with HDMI cable


There is very low scope of improvement as it has been a super satisfying product. The more you will use it over time; you will like it and also recommend it to other people.