Online games will kill? No, people will kill

A few days ago, a murder case was uncovered in Guangzhou and criminals killed a family of six. At that time read the news, the first impression is revenge, because barefoot climbed up to the 22nd floor to enter, this must be a great enemy.

Unexpectedly, after the case was solved, the assassination of the murderer turned out to be … … in order to upgrade online games equipment.

Many people say that online games are spiritual opium, but in fact I do not think people say so serious, look around, especially the office white-collar workers, probably more than half have played online games. Most people are mainly entertainment, really indulge them, with very few. Like the words of Andy in The King of War, “Tobacco kills more people than I do, and I wonder why I buy weapons is illegal.” Gun will not kill people will kill. Into this case is the same, addicted to online games, then move the evil idea. This is not the problem of online games – I do not believe that people who play online games will be burglary in order to upgrade, killing arson. This is only a case, but then again, those online games operators really dark enough to upgrade a weapon, equipment and the like, the success rate is very low, hit a few tens of thousands are trivial. What is more, in order to play online games smashing hundreds of thousands of people are also there, there is no exaggeration to sell the house to buy equipment is not without (when the legendary play some people do it). So, I just want to say to the friends who play games, keep calm, the game just …