Plot continues to progress, and now even the issue of ancestral graves have also been turned out

The article begins with Zhou Yuangen’s younger brother Zhou Yuanxing’s funeral, in particular, shows the Zhou Yuanxing’s funeral, Zhou Yuangen and Zhou Yuanqing did not appear. In addition, also specifically in the text that his eldest brother Zhou Yuangen “because of the same name with classmates, changed the rustic name”
In addition, there is another sentence: “Most of them now have lost their personal freedom.”
Next, the article began to say Zhou Yuangen nephew Zhou Xiaohua acting Wuliangye, playing police, taking money to pay people and other ‘performance’, and did not forget to add a “local people reflect the reputation of Zhou Jia is not good, many times took the money did not do succeed”.
Then, I began to say that Zhou was repairing ancestral tombs in 1990 because Zhou Yuangen was fortunate enough to say that his grave was not good. Then the article also specifically stated that in 2009, Zhou Jiazu grave was dug in a rainy hole! However, this issue does not seem to focus on the tunnel, the focus is the next article also revealed that the police on the road leading to the grave and Zhou Jia security camera.
Could it be that the survey has gradually been on the surface since 2009? Still have other reasons? Reporter, but you understand that point to understand, ah, you say so, tell us the masses of these unknown facts how to guess? At that time Zhou Yongkang is still the core of power, oh, forgot, I should say Zhou Yuangen … Do not forget to repost over 500.
Then, after a full four years, on December 7, 2013, Zhou was copied. Local ‘extremely shocked’.
Read the entire article, I can only say that the amount of information is too large, writers calm, all the information disclosed in the article. But I believe next, there will be a greater amount of information one after another.
Article title is ‘Uncle Zhou Bin uncle were copied’ – Yesterday I saw his uncles exposure, but also that a few days to expose his uncle. Only then did he realize that his second uncle was already dead, so his next goal was only Zhou Bin himself.
Two sessions in progress, the plot progress, continued attention.