Relevant Qing’an Railway Station shootings

Recently, the case of police officers at the Qingan Railway Station shooting a drunken passenger causing death of a passenger was widely discussed online. This incident was not initially published video, people have more doubts, and later the official finally announced the video, the benefits of information disclosure at last came into being: at least a variety of speculative remarks out of the market.

After the video was released, however, some self-righteous netizens questioned the police shooting and legitimacy from the point of view of conspiracy theories. At the same time, they questioned why the police did not need handcuffs and wondered why the police shot one shot. In short, Doubt

Actually, what I want to say is that if the drunk tourists snatched the police gun and caused even more serious consequences, then the sprayers will certainly continue to satirize the incompetence of the police. I found that I have gradually begun to hate this group of guys who cynically look at everything from a very bullish perspective to a seemingly broken world.

In addition, the follow-up news began to report on the deceased, how his life lived before and reported that the deceased was a drink drunk, but the question is, if one lives in poverty, then he is free to break the law? If a person drinks alcohol, you can not bear criminal responsibility? You know, a fool with a gun, and a soldier with a gun, gun bullets, lethality is the same. From the video point of view, the crazy man to grab the police gun, the moment the police shot, I’d rather be that he just wanted to hit him let him stop such crazy behavior, but failed to stop, So fired.

Under such a premise, self-proclaimed Spitters are still accusing the police. Their IQs are not aware at all. What will society turn if the media forces the police not to shoot in the face of similar situations? Looks like Assaulting police will become a bet gambling police can not shoot, criminals will only be more rampant, and eventually suffer the ordinary people, the rule of law society, not to make the police into a vulnerable group, but to police within the framework of responsibility brave law enforcement. In the legendary land of ‘American hope,’ this kind of behavior was shot dead by the police eight hundred times.