Russia parade, a strange feeling arises spontaneously

At first glance, it is thought to be North Korea because North Korea prefers this formalism, its military parade, its large mobilization, and its fight against the U.S. imperialist pledging conference.
Look at the picture, it really is like North Korea, square array neatly arranged.
If we look at the numbers again, we will know that it is not North Korea. As the headline says, “there are over 10,000 people.” For such a number, not enough gold three fat crowd when watching a lot of travel it. Compared with the cosmic powerhouse North Korea, it is indeed far behind.
However, during the time when the dispute in Crimea was alarming, such a move by Russia was quite demonstrating. However, since everybody says you are a fighting nation, why do you want to do this? In accordance with the logic of conventional fighting nation, can we start, is not it noisy?