Sagittarius Sichuan hunting club legendary 100,000, after the meeting can fight … … pigs

A few months ago to see the relevant reports, the report is from the gun control point of view, I remember that article mentioned that some people in order to hunt, to go home, basically wife and daughter scattered, and then use this example to illustrate the charm of hunting How big And in my opinion, playing anything, are likely to be disillusioned, what to play antiques, football, and even Mahjong poker caused by the wife and children scattered, but also greatly, and the hunting itself has little to do with personal self-control and way of doing things There is actually a close relationship between.

Today, NetEase released a set of hunting club pictures, do not know what to put or what is going on. However, even if it is pendulum, it is hard to avoid the fact that they are using pigs as prey.

A few brawny men, with their shotguns, walked into the sparsely jungle, and then went on to play animals that would otherwise have been offensive … Oh, I suddenly realized that the reason why this club annual 100,000, because there is a chance to play a gun. In China, the temptation to play a gun is bigger than killing a pig. Also, the figure that buddy, distance of three meters I feel a little bit far, in case of a partial miss a bullet, why not pick it up, the muzzle at Pig’s head? A little noise when shooting, do not frighten the dog. In case the dog was terrified, it was discovered by the dog lover. Others claimed that you should not abuse the dog, and then want to take away your gun. You say you give or not?