Since the installation of a go-kart, Storm video collapsed all day long

Storm video has always been no problem, even though I use the Win8 system, but since I installed the kart, I found Storm video began to collapse, the beginning is a three-minute avalanche, and then a one-minute collapse, the final change Collapsed on an open.

I think this is a system problem caused by too much system dll and sound effects when running karting, so I want to delete the kart. But when I deleted it, Win8 prompts that I do not have administrator privileges!

I am Japanese, why is not this computer my administrator? Well, I set about … But when I need to set up I think of it, I Le to go, I fucking do not know where the Win8 administrator settings ah! !

Two rows of tears rolling down, the book used to hate less ah, why I did not study in the University of Win8 operating system this course? Because … 咦? It seems that time did not have this course! I rely on, how else, what is the Ministry of Education to eat? Do not know Microsoft in 2012 to launch Win8 it? Why do not make an advance? Now that I can not delete the kart, I feel very painful and very helpless, are you in charge?

… Oh, nothing, and later deleted, however, Storm video or repeated collapse. Zhenni Ma served, is it because I recharge members? ?