South Korea to apply for warm kang, really 屌 fried days

A few days ago seems to be applying for world cultural heritage for kimchi, there is no success, and now set the target on the kang. Oh … Korean side called warm kang. Feel South Korea apply for World Heritage in these years with the crazy like this much more humble to what extent, so care about this cultural heritage ah? What’s more, there is absolutely no evidence that this cultural heritage was invented by Koreans.
Recalling the 2002 World Cup two shaking match, really on South Korea’s sense of national inferiority and unscrupulous have a more in-depth understanding. Prior to the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics on the movable type printing display is not enough cattle, and now even kang technology have to rob. Rely on, a few days should not even aquarius digging technology you have to insist, right?