Taxi strike protest: Why McDonald’s strike does not protest KFC?

A few days after the opening in 015, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao and other places in the taxi strike, protest car rental, protesting his job robbed.

My job was robbed, so I need to protest, this logic seems to be impeccable. However, everyone knows that McDonald’s and KFC are competitors, but why McDonald’s did not strike to protest KFC competition? After all, KFC left a large number of customers McDonald’s source, resulting in McDonald’s revenue plummeted.

In fact, the question of why McDonald’s does not protest against KFC was raised. Most people can easily think of the fact that they can maintain their income through fair competition. There is no need for a strike that can not hurt but defeat itself. But the problem is that the same reason pushed to the taxi body, but why it does not work: Taxi can not compete with the drop car, the reason is very simple, taxi every day to make money, hundreds, one day for rent Car drivers every day to remove fuel, money molecules, the basic income is cut above the waist, it is no wonder that their hearts are dissatisfied, began to protest. But protesting taxi company money is of course ineffective in the eyes of taxi drivers because they worry about being kicked out of the industry after they have been stripped of protest money and have lost their jobs – then the problem is that traffic Which monopoly strong? Of course, second to none taxi. Now the situation can be understood as a black boss to win a gang of younger brother to help themselves work, the younger paid monthly protection fee, if one day the brothers found someone to grab business, they will immediately tell the boss, the boss will start Deal with the matter, this situation has lasted for many years, until the drop car appeared. Boss found that this is not a very good deal, and so tell the little brothers: protection fees continue to charge, I can not control this matter, you find me again, protection costs doubled. Naturally, the younger brothers did not dare to mass protest against the elders because they were scared. Therefore, they had no choice but to protest collectively and threaten the other elders. They said we should eat and others would not let us eat, so we protest!

Then, as a result of the protest, the taxi made a little less money a day ago, but then again I felt that the advent of a drop-in car was an opportunity for the reform of the taxi industry. Just as Yuen Po pushed forward bank reform, Car, will also be an opportunity for the taxi industry reform.