The Toshiba 65L9300U Is A Magic Box Of 65-Inch

Priced quite reasonably, the 65 inch Ultra slim HDTV by Toshiba is an example of pictorial excellence. The main, and most important point, which is enough to trigger the sales of the Toshiba 65L9300U HDTV, is it’s high definition picture and sleek design.

A short review of the Toshiba 65L9300U

While reviewing the Toshiba 65L9300U, the apparently impressive things that were noticeable are its high definition picture quality, great video without any motion blur, 2D to 3D swapping at ease, and good internet connectivity.

Right after taking out the set from the box, you will see that the TV is much light weight, and can be installed in a flash.

The picture quality just got better than all other previous models. The 4K experience actually is wonderful as the pixels are almost 4 times in it, making the picture look great with vivid colors and details.

Because of the local light dimming feature, higher levels of black and white, and shade and highlight, contrast is generated, and this makes colors even more appealing, detailed and crisp.

The set can be connected to any other smartphone or device, and the TV is a cloud TV with external online storage. Internet and other smart apps like the amazon live video streaming works well.

Videos have a much low blurring rate compared to other HDTVs. As a result, the quick motions are viewed quite well, and the TV brightness illuminates the whole room wine viewed in dark.


  • The display is actually 4K that enhances viewing pleasure with denser pixels
  • 3D mode works great, and any simple 2D converted to 3D looks good
  • The TV can be connected to smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops, and information can be exchanged
  • The apps provided with internet are great; especially the Amazon video app works fast.
  • The TV is lightweight making installation easier
  • The gun metal finish at the edges gives it a stunning and better than the best look
  • Sound quality is nice


  • The keyboard keys needs more pressure at times, and works a bit slow to deliver signals.

Altogether it’s a nicely priced TV within a good budget, and is light weight too in a reasonable size that may fit any house quite easily.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Toshiba
  • Model: : 65L9300U
  • Display Technology: : LED
  • Display Size: : 65 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:09