Top 6 Reasons why we are Different

Uncluttered ideas and sticking to the basics are the keys we never forget. What’s more, even Google understands this and asks everyone to stick close to them!

We are a group of seasoned professionals engaged in guiding everyone. BTW our team also includes a father-and-son duo as the latter always coughs up classics he cannot solve, allowing us to take a hard look and help him out. Mostly it results in an article we publish here!

Anyway, for the curious, we advise on all of these:

  1. Site Building and Promotion
  2. SEO propagation and Content Selling
  3. Helpful tips on Speeding Websites Up
  4. Selecting & Recommending Blogging Theme
  5. Recommending Mix-and-Match web fonts
  1. Suggesting Content & Tips on website design
  2. Video Creation
  3. Facebook Related
  4. Reviews on apt templates/themes for blogging & selling i.e. woo commerce.

Yes. Quite a handsome list for everyone.

We also help our friends on setting up Woo-commerce sites. Since there already are many Guru’s on it, we don’t consider ourselves worthy enough to feature in the above list. We are just happy playing second-or-third fiddle. But we share our expertise whenever needed, but, mind you: we can be the worst critic!

We are passionate about design, type-styles, the look & feel and visitor satisfaction. Shortlisting good blogging themes is what we pride ourselves in. We love to answer queries from budding bloggers and newbies.

Anonymous We Remain!

True. We prefer working behind the curtains. To us, our work speaks for itself. Moreover, names keep changing as new people visit us for different durations and reasons.

Different situations like Panda, Penguin demand specific inputs. This cannot be a one-man show. Decorated professionals provide their vision, share improvement tips, shake hands and leave.

Our Experience Speaks

The sole reason we put that in our tagline. We ourselves follow the guidelines we share. There absolutely is no difference between You and Me! If you want to join us, use the Contact us for any reason Form.

If you are passionate about anything or everything we do, and want to share your ideas & inputs, you are most welcome. Even if you want to criticize us for anything, please do. After all, even a critic does work analyzing a website.

We defy Norms!

Everyone be detailed categorically, as possible, contrary to what the experts suggest. For instance, we use and recommend categories like Category/sub-category/sub-sub-category/postname. If it increases Google Bot’s work, let it be. Detailed classification is the need of the hour and to stay apart and rank!. Beneficiary always needs a separate identity.

Different! Get paid.

First we need to stand out, “outstanding” tag comes next! Let others do what they do, you maintain your own path. Soon, everyone would follow suit. Then, again, you need to rework and maintain the distance. Hard work always pays.

Payments always follow the discerning workers. You already have established yourself and managed a separate identity. Paying customers are bound to look up and reach out to you!

Slow Cooking tastes the Best!

Getting quick “Likes”, having “instant” followers seldom works. Even movie stars don’t get instant recognition (different from publicity). Let visitors digest your site slowly. Let its content be “really” shared amongst them and all this should progress on a low pedestal.

Warning! Even Google’s bots get alarmed when a site gathers rather quick attention. Also when links appear instantly, that is, without proper propagation raises everyone’s eyebrows!

Ever smelt fragrance even before germination?

Shortcut to Success

Don’t fall prey to bogus claims. Remember, Rome was not built-in a day. Even concrete needs time to settle, nine months for a baby to appear, you can’t hurry the process. Let your audience savor the content, they will share it, sooner than later.

Humans have a natural tendency to share, especially if they find something extraordinary. Once this becomes a chain, the text is bound to appear all over. Success is just round the corner.

Final Words!
Today no one wants to crawl. Everyone needs fast results. Nine men attacking a woman doesn’t get the baby out in a month! Defy this mad-rush, believe in old values and proceed to succeed. Remember, please, patience is the key. Period.