You unscrupulous journalists, is not there a female boss running you say beauty boss?

Saw an article about Zhejiang beauty boss Yu Youjing running news. If you see it, these unscrupulous headline party reporters must add the words “beauty boss.”

Into the look, just want to say no map you say a dick, the results of the brush out, even a black and white photos. Look at the appearance, outsole can only be used “flat” summed up, do not say because of her $ _ owed 150 million road runway, it has become the beauty owner?

As for why the woman ran the road, went to somewhere, the news is not detailed. Because recently read a lot of gambling novels, plus himself also wrote a gambling novel, the general feeling of such news my first feeling is because runders owed gambling debts. If a person owes 150 million because of gambling, then this person has lost more than 150 million.

However, I do not really care about the real reason why the beauty owner runs the road. I mainly wrote such an article, not to comment on my boss’s way out. I mainly want to express my strong condemnation of the reporter of the title party. Condemned to die you!