Basic Tips For Mounting Your Flat Screen TV On The Wall

So you have bought your newest flat screen television and cannot wait to watch it in style. But before you can indulge in being the viewer, you have to take care of a very important aspect of having a flat screen TV at home – you have to mount it on the wall first. Flat screen televisions are great because they are zero clutter and take up space only on the wall, thereby keeping the tables and the floors free. But, mounting it up on the wall itself is the primary task to be done before you can enjoy all these perks.

Decide your location

The first tip in wall mounting your television is to find the spot on the wall where you would like to mount the television. You have to consider a number of options like if there is any light reflecting on the screen, which will make it difficult to watch it. Also, it has to be placed from where you can see it straight and not at an angle. In order to decrease the uncomfortable screen glare, consider keeping it away from light source or tilting/swiveling the mount, if it has been places at a greater height. The location should also be closer to the electrical circuit for attaching the wires.

Attach mounting brackets

TV mounting bracket is what keeps your television mounted on the wall. You get both the TV portion of the bracket and the wall portion of it. First attach the TV portion of it at the back of the television. The holes for attaching it might be covered with plastic caps and need to be taken off with a screwdriver. Then attach the wall portion on your selected wall location. Always check the level you are attaching it at so that the television is mounted at a correct level. You can attach the wall bracket by using a drill to make holes and attaching it with screws.

Get the cables connected

Check out the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the cable wires. You can decide whether you want to route the wires inside the walls or conceal it outside. Keep the wires unplugged to the television while you are attaching it to the power outlet. Once that is done, you can attach it to the television.

Mount the television

Now comes the final part. Just lock the TV bracket to the wall bracket. Make sure every point is connected well. Double check for security. Also, never try to mount your flat screen TV alone. Ask for assistance while mounting it on the wall bracket.

Some safety tips

Always turn off the power outlets near the areas you will be drilling to avoid getting electrical shock. Before you drill, make sure the wall area behind the television does not have wires inside. This will avoid damage to the wiring of your house.

Now that your TV is mounted on your wall, just sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and indulge yourself in watching that favorite show of yours on a beautiful screen on the wall.