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I heard North Korea’s only fat sick

The only fat man in North Korea, Kim Sang Fat, the news of the sick, netizens feel that the Golden Triple Fat how ill so light, while some users are thinking, is not Kim San Fat hung up, North Korea liberated …

Kim Sam-fat is known as the world’s most powerful 80 after, but in fact to see his living conditions, it is not good, as a person his life flies fearful, as a head of state he failed (almost never I heard that North Korea met with leaders of other countries, are three fat in their own countries, turn around, and even Rodman this notorious sports stars have to get three fat personally, a grand meeting).

As North Korea’s only fat man – it is no exaggeration, North Korea, not a fat man seen on television, the media, and even Zhang Chengze, Cui Longhai are not fat, the entire North Korea, only golden three fat. So, one conclusion that can be drawn is that North Korea’s doctors have extremely scarce experience in the treatment of obesity. This is indeed something delightful.

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Russia parade, a strange feeling arises spontaneously

At first glance, it is thought to be North Korea because North Korea prefers this formalism, its military parade, its large mobilization, and its fight against the U.S. imperialist pledging conference.
Look at the picture, it really is like North Korea, square array neatly arranged.
If we look at the numbers again, we will know that it is not North Korea. As the headline says, “there are over 10,000 people.” For such a number, not enough gold three fat crowd when watching a lot of travel it. Compared with the cosmic powerhouse North Korea, it is indeed far behind.
However, during the time when the dispute in Crimea was alarming, such a move by Russia was quite demonstrating. However, since everybody says you are a fighting nation, why do you want to do this? In accordance with the logic of conventional fighting nation, can we start, is not it noisy?

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Russia parade, a strange feeling arises spontaneously


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Huang Haobo was admitted to education for six months, “shelter education” is terrible ……

A few days ago, users have been behind Huang Haibo, said fifteen days later is a hero, but the result of fifteen days in the past, Huang Haibo’s state has become even worse – for education. And it’s for at least six months.

Some time ago, I do not remember the specific time point. I only remember one day of a certain year in a year. According to the news, the system of detention of labor camps was canceled. All reeducation through labor personnel were dissolved in place and returned to freedom. At that time, I was fortunate to reiterate that punishments of reeducation through labor between the rule of law and rule of man were finally canceled. No, until the sixteenth day after Huang Haibo was detained, I learned that there is still a “shelter education”. Immediately checked the information and found that the so-called accommodation education is based on the so-called “education” in a way that limits personal freedom and arranges collective work. This seems to be no different from that of labor camp. Here I still have to thank Huang Haibo. Otherwise, I really believe that there is no longer a labor camp in this country. However, I wonder is that in law, since it has already been detained, even if it is punished, it is still not necessary to limit the freedom of solicitation to such crimes against society to six months to two years Horrified? To know that the crime of alcoholism and driving was only six months, and the dangers of drunk driving is obviously higher than prostitution. And another thing I wonder is that it seems that among the various rumors, the anti-vice arrested were detained for fine and did not seem to have heard of anyone who had been sent to shelter for prostitution for two years … So I really wanted to know One of the stories: Huang Haibo what offended? In the five-star hotel was reported, reported after the national media coverage, detained for 15 days, reputation deodorant, unexpectedly still face six months to two years of admission education. Hippo, what have you done, been done like this?

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Zhaoyuan blood case: this world is terrible

A few years ago, I had passed this place called Zhaoyuan, and now I carefully recall that, apart from a few buildings, I have no other profound impression. Did not expect a few years later, turned out to be such a thing, so I once again concerned about this place.

When the news was first announced, I thought there was a vengeance between the murderer and the victim – because it was said that all the family members went on to fight and what kind of family dispute they thought they had. To announce the follow-up information to find out, the original murderer and the victim did not know between, because of a phone number …

Think about often go to eat McDonald’s home, not help from the creeps, there are always young lad to find a girl to call, think of it, not by the horror … the world is terrible. Such a subtle matter, unexpectedly can incur the curse of killing themselves. That is how ordinary people survive?
In the news and commentary of the major forums, many netizens are saying that this family has the power and the news may be blocked. However, I think that with the current public opinion and the rule of law, What the background is estimated to escape the French. The reason why such a speech is widely circulated on the Internet and of course we can not all blame the netizens because the society is too dark has led to the first thought that everyone came out of as long as the public security code was handed over to the public.
As the follow-up reports unfold, another source said that the murderer was a member of a cult and read a reporter’s interview with his video and found that his answer to the question was incredible. The report also said that neighbors said that this person usually looks normal … … said that I think of my surroundings are looking normal. Fear of fear, this world is really terrible …

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Taxi strike protest: Why McDonald’s strike does not protest KFC?

A few days after the opening in 015, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao and other places in the taxi strike, protest car rental, protesting his job robbed.

My job was robbed, so I need to protest, this logic seems to be impeccable. However, everyone knows that McDonald’s and KFC are competitors, but why McDonald’s did not strike to protest KFC competition? After all, KFC left a large number of customers McDonald’s source, resulting in McDonald’s revenue plummeted.

In fact, the question of why McDonald’s does not protest against KFC was raised. Most people can easily think of the fact that they can maintain their income through fair competition. There is no need for a strike that can not hurt but defeat itself. But the problem is that the same reason pushed to the taxi body, but why it does not work: Taxi can not compete with the drop car, the reason is very simple, taxi every day to make money, hundreds, one day for rent Car drivers every day to remove fuel, money molecules, the basic income is cut above the waist, it is no wonder that their hearts are dissatisfied, began to protest. But protesting taxi company money is of course ineffective in the eyes of taxi drivers because they worry about being kicked out of the industry after they have been stripped of protest money and have lost their jobs – then the problem is that traffic Which monopoly strong? Of course, second to none taxi. Now the situation can be understood as a black boss to win a gang of younger brother to help themselves work, the younger paid monthly protection fee, if one day the brothers found someone to grab business, they will immediately tell the boss, the boss will start Deal with the matter, this situation has lasted for many years, until the drop car appeared. Boss found that this is not a very good deal, and so tell the little brothers: protection fees continue to charge, I can not control this matter, you find me again, protection costs doubled. Naturally, the younger brothers did not dare to mass protest against the elders because they were scared. Therefore, they had no choice but to protest collectively and threaten the other elders. They said we should eat and others would not let us eat, so we protest!

Then, as a result of the protest, the taxi made a little less money a day ago, but then again I felt that the advent of a drop-in car was an opportunity for the reform of the taxi industry. Just as Yuen Po pushed forward bank reform, Car, will also be an opportunity for the taxi industry reform.

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Sagittarius Sichuan hunting club legendary 100,000, after the meeting can fight … … pigs

A few months ago to see the relevant reports, the report is from the gun control point of view, I remember that article mentioned that some people in order to hunt, to go home, basically wife and daughter scattered, and then use this example to illustrate the charm of hunting How big And in my opinion, playing anything, are likely to be disillusioned, what to play antiques, football, and even Mahjong poker caused by the wife and children scattered, but also greatly, and the hunting itself has little to do with personal self-control and way of doing things There is actually a close relationship between.

Today, NetEase released a set of hunting club pictures, do not know what to put or what is going on. However, even if it is pendulum, it is hard to avoid the fact that they are using pigs as prey.

A few brawny men, with their shotguns, walked into the sparsely jungle, and then went on to play animals that would otherwise have been offensive … Oh, I suddenly realized that the reason why this club annual 100,000, because there is a chance to play a gun. In China, the temptation to play a gun is bigger than killing a pig. Also, the figure that buddy, distance of three meters I feel a little bit far, in case of a partial miss a bullet, why not pick it up, the muzzle at Pig’s head? A little noise when shooting, do not frighten the dog. In case the dog was terrified, it was discovered by the dog lover. Others claimed that you should not abuse the dog, and then want to take away your gun. You say you give or not?

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Alibaba VS SAIC

At the beginning of 2015, Alibaba, which has just been listed for a few months, started a war of words with the General Administration. Since ancient times, civilians do not fight with officials, hawkers do not fight with the city, businesses do not fight with business has become a provergy, and Alibaba actually still chose to counterattack on SAIC. Is Alibaba selling things to sell wood, that the SAIC is also a seller that they can also make bad comments to the SAIC it?

Of course, this is not possible, in this war, Alibaba should have no odds. Because SAIC is not a good person, but fortunately, the current legal environment has improved, otherwise it will be rectified directly to you.

But having said that Taobao selling fakes, since ancient times is the traditional, SAIC said Taobao selling fakes, it touches no wrong Taobao, I am not a veteran of online shopping, in the past ten years of online shopping, and indeed do buy a lot Fakes such as refurbished phones, high imitation brand-name shoes (to say a penalty of fake ten). Taobao’s letter of contention, it seems that meaning, SAIC against Taobao. This is like selling fakes in a street, business came, caught a family, this one shouting grievances on the grounds that: others are also selling, why do not you catch them?

Indeed, this is a bit unfair. However, it is a fact that Taobao really floats on fake goods. It is not ruled that the SAIC can use its big stores to kill chickens and marmosets in order to prevent other shops from saying “Why do not you catch Taobao?”. Although Taobao’s products are not self-operated Taobao, with Taobao limited supervision of billions of people’s goods is indeed very difficult, but the fake quantity is so high, Taobao’s ineffective supervision is inevitable. Nowadays, Taobao has become bigger and bigger, so it is hard to say that it supports Taobao, because … I TM is an ordinary citizen’s point of view. Is also a victim!

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Golden Best Investment Group: Looks like a new record in China’s fraud has taken place

A few days ago, the major media are reporting a fraud – Golden Delicious Group fraud. According to the data that has been exposed, the reported amount of 539 million yuan, a total of more than 36,000 people reported. Note that 36,000 people are reported nationwide, not 36,000 victims. In other words, the theoretical number of victims should go far beyond this figure.

When I think of the bankruptcy of small loan companies and the running of guarantee companies from time to time, I gradually or slowly realized that there was a problem that many hard-working, reckless people earned , Eventually by some poor quality, insatiable, gambler to spend. Moreover, it seems that the more advanced the financial industry, the more serious the situation is. Just as Madoff, a prominent investor in the early 2000s, touted a fund of 10% annual growth, Wall Street considered him a genius for a time, but after a few years of being a genius, the guy was arrested because what he called The investment model simply demolishes the wall to make up the western wall. Once people ask to see the four walls at the same time, the lies will go bankrupt.

Often, the biggest feature of such first-time fraudsters is courageous and gambling. A small number of gamblers, standing on top of high stands, are well-dressed, pointing their heads to the public in a nonsense language – but the public still believes because he won the bet. The general public saw the appearance of this ‘elite’ in a short time Jiang Fortune turned N + 1 times, and in a sense, sometimes the probability of success of such gamblers is almost took 1 million in Macau Even pushing seven baccarat, pushed to 128 million (I know the limited casino in Macau, is an example), outsiders said that his short-term principal has more than 100 times, so more people flocked to. In fact, the vast majority of gamblers, all dead children are not left, or else the news will not have so much running, bankruptcy, jumped the news of the building.

But then again, after all, I still admire those gamblers, of which a handful of success naturally depends on luck, but more still win the courage – no courage, nature will never miss this opportunity. At the same time, however, I still despise the character of such people, because they have come to gamble, not their own money, but the sweat of others. They lost the most but shot, but the victim, may fall into the embarrassment of life, unable to stand up. Actually, when you want to invest in some kind of financial product with a high expectation return, you should make it clear that you are actually involved in a gamble instead of an investment. Sometimes, rather than take 100% of your annual net income, it would be better to take out an insidious two dollars and buy a two-color ball ……

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Hua Guang lottery bonus 500 million suicide, it is a novel domestic news yet

Suddenly found a news today: “masons to buy lottery tickets in 5 million yuan 2 years of sunshine to sleep on rails commit suicide,” even feel very strange – in the grand prize and then spend bonuses seems to have a very broad coverage of the United States a lot The case, and I remember a very interesting survey found that in a few years, those who have a great living conditions are often not good before winning.

But the reason why I say this news novelty is because: This is the domestic news. This government credibility almost eradicated the era of lottery credibility is naturally not high, of course, there is no lack of market shady market, but this does not affect the lottery sales have been climbing high, according to my understanding, even if there are shady, so many years, it is unlikely Each period is shady, the total winner is the real reeling winners. In fact, from the data of foreign countries, it is not necessarily the perfect thing to flew into the windfall. Buy a lottery this hit Universiade thing, once hit, it may not be a good thing.

Here to talk about today, I have to go downstairs to buy Zhang lottery tickets, while a lottery.

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“Mainland travel to Hong Kong in March dropped more than 30%” – which is what Hong Kong’s waste youth want?

Mainland travel to Hong Kong in March fell more than 30%

21st Century Business Herald

Tung Yiu-chung, Director-General of the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council, said on April 6 that affected by the “anti-waterlovers” operation, the number of mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong this Easter season dropped sharply by about 20% on a year-on-year basis. The average number of mainland tours to Hong Kong in March this year Day 320, compared with the average daily 470 over the same period last year fell more than 30%. He said mainland tourists’ desire to come to Hong Kong is on the decline, and the number of tourists visiting Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States in Hong Kong also shows signs of decline. Affected tourists and tour groups to reduce the impact of the number of Hong Kong hotel room rates and prices have dropped. Dong Yiu-chung said this is a serious blow to Hong Kong’s travel industry after SARS.

++++++++++++++++ =

Mainland users reacted more intensely, all think that Hong Kong should deserve. This is the power of a waste team, a group of Loser, can harm a large group of normal people. Like the Red Guards of that year, a great wave of good people hurt. Funny to put it, look at the so-called deserted mobile video, they are looking for trouble for the object: the woman holding a child, pull the box of the elderly, single weak tourists. What they claim is simple Hong Kong, what they call bravery and holding the banner of civilization? What they do is persecuting women and children. Even the younger, younger tourists are afraid to harass them because they feel they are in danger of being beaten. It is the failure of such a group of wastes to be placed there. The voices of the losers, after being fermented by the media, have become the voice of Hong Kong.

I hope ordinary people in Hong Kong and the Mainland can see this matter in a relatively rational mindset.

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Relevant Qing’an Railway Station shootings

Recently, the case of police officers at the Qingan Railway Station shooting a drunken passenger causing death of a passenger was widely discussed online. This incident was not initially published video, people have more doubts, and later the official finally announced the video, the benefits of information disclosure at last came into being: at least a variety of speculative remarks out of the market.

After the video was released, however, some self-righteous netizens questioned the police shooting and legitimacy from the point of view of conspiracy theories. At the same time, they questioned why the police did not need handcuffs and wondered why the police shot one shot. In short, Doubt

Actually, what I want to say is that if the drunk tourists snatched the police gun and caused even more serious consequences, then the sprayers will certainly continue to satirize the incompetence of the police. I found that I have gradually begun to hate this group of guys who cynically look at everything from a very bullish perspective to a seemingly broken world.

In addition, the follow-up news began to report on the deceased, how his life lived before and reported that the deceased was a drink drunk, but the question is, if one lives in poverty, then he is free to break the law? If a person drinks alcohol, you can not bear criminal responsibility? You know, a fool with a gun, and a soldier with a gun, gun bullets, lethality is the same. From the video point of view, the crazy man to grab the police gun, the moment the police shot, I’d rather be that he just wanted to hit him let him stop such crazy behavior, but failed to stop, So fired.

Under such a premise, self-proclaimed Spitters are still accusing the police. Their IQs are not aware at all. What will society turn if the media forces the police not to shoot in the face of similar situations? Looks like Assaulting police will become a bet gambling police can not shoot, criminals will only be more rampant, and eventually suffer the ordinary people, the rule of law society, not to make the police into a vulnerable group, but to police within the framework of responsibility brave law enforcement. In the legendary land of ‘American hope,’ this kind of behavior was shot dead by the police eight hundred times.

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There are descriptions in all the beautiful books in the world, and only one in a thousand is described in the ugly books of the world

There are descriptions in all the beautiful books in the world, and only one in a thousand is described in the ugly books of the world.

I think, Wang Baoqiang divorce incident, fully proved this sentence.

The entertainment industry is full of right and wrong throughout the day. Many of them are far-flung shows. However, this incident is obviously no longer a farce. It is a divorce incident that challenges the bottom line of social ethics. The heat of this incident has overshadowed the Olympic Games, not to mention 8.15 Japan surrendered to commemorate the day.

Earlier today, Malong counterclaimed Wang Baoqiang infringement of fame – she did not dare to say that Baoqiang libel.

Funny is that when she made this weibo, people are in the United States, and Song Zhe (input method can not type the word) together. This is probably equivalent, when the owner of the motorcycle announced his car was lost, the owner said he found the thief Ma Rong stole the horse riding thieves stole the motorcycle, the court sued the motorcycle owner ‘infringement reputation right’. The meaning is that I was a car theft, but you can not say it, you say it violated my reputation. This shameless God’s logic is also no one.

With the emergence of more and more facts, including the users found in high-speed rail stations a few years ago, when the alumni posts.