I Really Like the New Neighbors

In the past I always had the neighbors that I hated, the ones that were always fighting or were having parties in the middle of a work night. I once lived next to these guys who would work until 11 or 12 every night and then party until the break of day unless the police came to break it up. These two girls do make some noise, but so far I have got along great with them. The first day I met them one of them was sunbathing totally nude on the balcony, an escort service near Salt Lake City pays them do pretty much what they have done for me because they were bored and buzzed from drinking. They told me that just because they worked for an escort service it did not mean that you could pay for whatever you wanted, they work bachelor parties and that sort of thing mostly. Apparently they work at some club when they feel like it, but they get their names on the sign out front.

Neither one of them can cook to save their lives, which is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I used to work at a really expensive Italian restaurant and I can cook very well, not quite well enough to be called a chef perhaps. At any rate I made the two of them a terrific meal, if I say so myself and ever since then they have appointed me to be their private chef. I asked them what the job paid and they told me I could quit if I was not entertained. It is better for me if one of them is working, because that way I try to get them to drink a little more than they should. My batting average is rather low, but I am happy with it any way.


I Sort of Like It out Here

Of course when I got out here I was sort of expecting the stereotypes when it came to my customers, and of course we get more than our share of rich white guys who want us to look after their money. I got a client who gets more than her fair share of individual attention though. She is maybe around thirty five and the girl is talking about retiring. I guess that she has the money to do it. Right now she is running an escort service near Provo UT, although it seems to me like they overstate how much most of these girls will actually do. Most of them are hardly escorts at all, they just take their clothes off at your bachelor party for the most part. In fact this woman seems to have been doing that since she was 18 years old and she has done quite well with her money without much help from anyone like me.

I had to admit to being fascinated by her and told her it was the first time that I ever wanted to ask a client for a lap dance. She thought this was funny, and of course she had told me all about herself and her business. At any rate the next evening I answered my door and an incredibly beautiful girl was standing there wearing a long trenchcoat. She smiled and walked past me. After she gave me what I asked for she asked me what I had done to merit a free dance. I just told her that I was her boss’ wealth management adviser. She laughed and said that she had everything that she needed in her car. She had all her assets listed on a sheet of paper and told me that she was looking for a new stockbroker. She then looked me over and told me I was cute.


How to Find the Right Mattress for Your Family

Looking to buy a new mattress? Purchasing a good mattress for your home is one of the most important decisions you need to make. A good mattress can not only provide you with a good rest, but it will also prevent unnecessary health problems like back pain. A survey has shown that nine of 10 homeowners saying that their bed and mattress is one of their biggest matter when it comes to shopping items for their home.

The Top 4 Best Mattress Types

Health experts have added more weight to these findings by stating that without a firm and supportive comfortable mattress and bed, people with back problems can expect to take a longer period of time to recuperate compared to those patients who bought the right mattress. When you start scouring around for mattress, you will find that generally, there are four main types of mattress.

Coil Spring Mattress

Standard for many decades, the reason it is known as coil spring mattress is that it uses wire springs or coils, together with padding to keep the spring secure in the mattress. This prevents any imbalances of the mattress when your body rests on the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Made with polyurethane, memory foam mattress was developed because of the need to help astronauts to relieve astronauts from the g-force which they experienced during lift-off. With its success, it was later commercialized and introduced to the masses. The memory foam mattress is able to conform to our body shape, offering the body contouring that offers better support for our spine. This unique benefit makes it easy for the mattress to fill in the gaps between our body and the mattress, improving comfort.

Latex Foam Mattress

Increasingly popular in Europe, latex or rubber foam mattress is denser compared to other mattresses. It has about 4 lb/cubic foot density. The foam mattress is more substantial than spring mattress and has a softer and yielding feel.

Air Mattress

Also known as air inflatable mattress, it is essentially filled with air and made with plastic or rubber. This type of mattress is surrounded by padding airbags, offering firmness and added support. Air mattress is the best way if you are planning to buy a mattress for camping or for your own use. However, it is not recommended for baby to sleep on an air mattress because they can be too soft and run the risk of danger of suffocating them.

Mattress Brand – Should You Choose Sealy, Serta Or Simmons?

In best mattress brand reviews, you can find Sealy, Serta and Simmons always pitted against each other. One of the other might have come out as the winner but most customers would say it really depends on the users. After all, comfort is not something all of us agree on singularly.

Individually scrutinizing their key features might help us figure out which one is the best choice for us. Let us first browse over the largest company among the three choices which is Sealy mattress. If there is anything remarkable about them, it is their very long and impressive track record. Having been in this business for more than a century, it is understandable why they are at the top of their game. If business longevity is important for you, this is a good company where you can start looking for a mattress.

The offer various mattress fit for your need. You can find the combination of Memory foam, innerspring and latex foam in some of the mattresses in their Posturepedic line. Needless to say, you will never run out of choices. Most of the reviews are good, though they are not exempted from the attack of unsatisfied consumers. There are still customers who are not raving about their purchase.

Serta is a good mattress company. They have catered to many business establishments already and as of today, many businesses such as hotels are relying on their services in the bedding industry. Their mattresses are good if we are speaking of orthopedic comfort. Countless of times, they have worn the best buy award because of the quality of their mattresses.

As for Simmons, though they might have experienced quite a lot of setbacks in the past, they still bring it to the table when it comes to an innerspring mattress. The caveat there is the price and their mattresses tend to skyrocket in price. Blame that on the numerous advertisements they have.

Which one are you going to choose? If you have no idea where to start, you can always worm your way in Sealy mattresses since they offer a full spectrum of mattress options and you are bound to find one that will fit your needs. What are great about this company are their customer service and the warranty they offer their customers. It is easy to trust them since they have been in this business for so long already and they have earned the respect of not only average customers but huge business companies as well.

Kitchen Supplies

What You Need To Know About Menu Covers

There is that old saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.  Well, we all know that we do it all the time whether it is for appearances on a first impression, CD covers (at least until digital music totally takes over the world), actual books, magazine and, yes, your restaurant’s menu.  It is just human nature to make or form an impression from what we take in on a cursory first glance at something.  This is why making your menu cover stand out is such a key piece to putting together a great menu.

You already know that you’ve got the best food around.  You wouldn’t be in this restaurant business if you thought otherwise.  It doesn’t matter if you are the manager of the restaurant, owner or both.  Every team member in your dining establishment is telling people about your food and service from how they act, present the food and serve up a night of entertainment for your guests.  However, this all happens after they get their menus in their hands.  From that first moment that they touch the cover of that menu until they open it up and browse the selections, you are telling them something.  Going cheap here will give that impression.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on your menu covers, but you do need to make sure that the food you are serving is not cheapened or downgraded in your guests’ mind before they even taste it.  This goes for misspelled words, typos and other menu errors that of course, your menu cover itself have little to do with.  Think of it as simply an overall, taking-it-all-in experience.  You know what it is like as patron yourself, though you have a different eye for things having been in the restaurant business.

What Are The Purposes and Types of Menu Covers?

If you read more about the menu cover here, you might learn that the only purpose of the menu cover is to simply hold the menu in place for your guests to see what is available, right?  Wrong!  This is certainly one of the more primary or functional aspects to the cover, but it is not the only reason you have one.  Like many things in life, there are reasons behind the reasons.  In this case, one main reason behind is to showcase you are fine food items.  If your restaurant only serves up a cheap fare, then you will probably just need something like the vinyl menu covers, a type of plastic menu cover.  There is nothing wrong with this type of menu.  It protects the menu from food, drink, and grease or other restaurants ‘debris’ and they are easy to wipe clean.  A common and great menu cover for the purpose it serves.

However, if you are looking for a more elegant feel to your menu, something that you want your guests to experience before they even see what you offer, then nice leather menu covers might fit the bill – so to speak – a little better.  Leather has always had a nice ‘hand’ or feel to it.  In fact, leather will even age very well and looks even more comfortable and welcoming with time.  These types work well in steakhouses and other places where meat is considered the specialty.

Another type of theme style of cover that is becoming more popular is metal menu covers.  These are great for the modern bar and restaurant with an edgier feel to them.  They are usually made of aluminum or light gauge stainless steel to prevent rust.  However, the treated copper menu covers make for an exquisitely unique look.  These metal covers can also be etched or cut to create a logo or some type of image, even restaurant name, cut into the metal itself.  It would be similar to how an image, logo or writing can be embossed on a leather menu cover.

Cafe Versus Restaurant Menu Covers

There is really only a difference in these types of things as they pertain to the style in which you present your menu.  A cafe style will usually offer fewer items on their menu and so the cafe menu cover will not need to have as many pages or features as traditional dining restaurant menu covers.  This isn’t to say a cafe is not traditional dining, just not known for being a dining establishment.

You might find that you can display your food choices with a little more flair and uniqueness in the cafe menu versus a three page or tri-fold leather menu cover.  Your smaller menu can allow for a much simpler cover that will appeal to the type of patron whom you are serving.  There are also considerations for the price of a wine menu cover, check presenters, tabletop menu holders and such.

So, you are looking for menu covers for your restaurant’s menus and you are wondering what options are available.  Considering what to use for your cover choices is a step that will pay big dividends for you in the way that your guests enjoy their food and time in your restaurant.  You don’t want to spend too much on the menu cover, but spending wisely is a smart move.

The one thing you should keep in mind, then, is what image and since you want to portray to your guests.  A simple no-frills menu cover is an option and it portrays a certain feeling to your guests.  Something with more substance and presence about it will convey a very different feeling to your guests.  Again, these are some subtle distinctions that ultimately will affect their experience in your establishment.

Think about it from a dining experience.  When you go out to eat, you notice the little things.  This is partly because you are either intimately involved in the industry or have been and you know how these things matter.  Well, they matter to all of your guests too, they just don’t have the same level of conscious attention or awareness about such things.  But, one thing they will know is how they feel.  If their first impression is one of elegance or comfort, then they will be more inclined to carry this attitude with them regarding your restaurant.

Now, let’s not get carried away and think that the food has less importance than the cover that tells your guests what is available.  That would be silly to assume or try to suggest such a thing.  When we go out to dinner or a nice lunch, we are looking for both a quality meal but also great service.  Part of great service involves helping a guest have a more pleasant experience in your establishment.  They are partly there to be entertained.  Not entertained in a dance around and sing sort of way, but by the way, they are treated.  Being greeted by a less than present young server with a plastic menu cover is one way to set a tone, it just isn’t the one I would recommend.  Age has little to do with how well someone feels treated.  A quite young person could deliver superb service and quite honestly wow your guests.  In fact, this would be a great way to make an even greater first impression.  Many people will be making all sorts of judgments about your restaurant, the food, the decor, etc.  If you wow them by surprise, they will remember you.

So, we’ve discussed how restaurant menu covers are part of the picture and a bit about how to make your guests get a great first impression with them.  But, what if you have more of a café style dining establishment?

Cafe Menu Covers

There are only some slight modifications from the restaurant menu cover with a cafe menu cover.  Mostly, these differences have to do with size.  With a traditional menu cover for a dining establishment, the menu will usually measure like a standard sheet of paper (8 ½ x 11”) or slightly larger.  With the cafe menu, the size is typically made to be thinner and sometimes the same height, but can be taller than a regular menu.  This makes the menu options stand out differently and gives one the impression that they are there for a lighter meal.

Cafe menu covers come in essentially the same types of materials.  One thing we haven’t really discussed is fabrics.  Often, with a larger menu, it isn’t as conceivable to use a fabric that has a burlap-type texture or silky feel to it.  With use, these will simply wear out and break down.  Also, a dinner restaurant is not really the best place to utilize such fabrics.  However, they can still be used.  They would work great in a themed restaurant where you want a bamboo covered menu at that Asian restaurant.  For a cafe menu, you can get away with more playful ideas and use more single-sided covers.  It is also possible to utilize the more costly metal menu covers because you don’t need as large a surface area to cover.  They may or may not be a different price due to this, but you can always inquire.   In the end, think about the message you are trying to portray.  Whether you own or manage a cafe or a more formal restaurant, the types of covers you utilize will make a difference, so choose wisely.

What Do Menu Covers Cost?

Why not just go for cheap menu covers?  Well, you certainly could – but just be cognizant of what you’re looking for.

Cheap could mean inexpensive or cheap could mean you’ll end up having to buy more of them in no time because, well, they are cheap!

There is a range of prices based upon the variety of menu cover styles.  Additionally, the brand of the menu cover you choose will affect the price.  The ‘big dogs’ can command a higher price based upon years of experience and stability in the fragile restaurant market.  As a starting point, you should determine the look you are after, the number you’ll need and any type of customization you will require.  Of course, custom menu covers will command higher prices as you will be ordering ‘off the menu’ if you’ll allow such an obvious pun.

Basic prices can start as low as around $15 USD each for a simply bonded leatherette or vinyl menu cover.  This price would typically be for a minimum order of lots of 50 or 100 menu covers.  Prices could go up to the $40 USD range for a soft grain leather cover.  Then, the price jumps to ‘custom pricing’ for those great metal and other custom menu cover options.  The best practice is to determine what your budget will allow for your covers, then work backward from there.  If you find you just can’t make it work for what you want, you may have to re-analyze your budget or negotiate with your vendor.

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Kitchen Supplies

Types of Menu Covers

The search for the perfect menu cover is a quest that will take the discriminating owner or manager on a mind-numbing journey.  There are so many little points and differences in the different styles that sometimes it can be hard to choose.  One of the best things to do first is to decide on what you want to portray with your menu.  This will ultimately come down to being a reflection of what type of restaurant you have.  Luckily, you’ve already done the legwork of deciding all of this.  Your dreams and ideas have all come to fruition in this place of yours, now it is time to highlight what I hope you think is the best food around.

It doesn’t matter the type of menu cover you choose so long as it is congruent with what your guests are expecting.  If you have a family-friendly local mom and pop type of restaurant, you can get away with a less we’ll say glamorous cover for your menus.  What you need in this type of restaurant is function first and looks second (at least as far as this aspect is concerned).  Don’t fool yourself, people still want to dine in style, just because they have children, doesn’t mean they want to be picking crumbs up off their seats and reading a greasy, sticky or cracked menu.  In fact, you could argue that they are going out to eat exactly to avoid this type of stuff at home.

However, where your menu covers will come into more sight and need to be a class act is if you have a fine dining establishment.  This is where the discriminating tastes in decor, food choices and service will all make a world of difference in the success of your restaurant.  It is one thing to talk about all these facets of a congruent and well-blended experience, it is quite another to actually implement policies and design choices that take these things into account.  This is where getting very good quality menu covers will make the difference.

If you have the choice of sitting down and holding a nice solid, well made and smooth feeling leather menu cover or some cheap menu cover, which one impresses you more?  Of course, right!  But even the most intelligent owners and managers sometimes miss these basic points.  When it comes to the expenses of opening and running a restaurant, there is always a pressure to reduced overhead, costs and other variables that can boost profits.  So, even though this whole cover issue may seem like a minor point, it can make a big impact.

How Do You Know What Type of Menu Cover To Choose?

Well, as was alluded to above, there are several styles that make this whole process a bit more daunting.  Keep that original point in mind, let your restaurant theme and image dictate the details.  You could see this as being the other way around, regardless, the details matter.  A brief list of restaurant menu covers would include leather, metal, fabric and even plastic menu covers.  Also, keep in mind that whether we are talking about a restaurant or a café menu cover, the same ideas apply.  Let’s discuss these different styles briefly here, though they are discussed in more detail on pages dedicated to each type elsewhere on our site.

Let’s start with one of the most elegant or substantial and work our way through the other styles from here.  The leather menu cover is likely the most common type to be used in the higher end restaurants.  You will, and should expect, find these covers used in more expensive establishments relative to the menu pricing.  These are possibly the finer steakhouses in town, the classy ‘go to’ places for special occasions and anniversaries.  If you want to be known as a nice place in town, leather will make a big impact as your choice here.  It has properties that allow it to be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.  The knock-off version of the leather style is the leatherette or faux leather menu cover.  This one would be more like what you might expect for the check presenter.  It simply doesn’t have the same feel and impression factor as the real leather cover.  Not a poor choice for certain restaurants, just a different one that should be treated as such.

So, this is a bit more of a trendy cover choice for your menu.  Metal will be found in restaurants that have a bit more modern edge or feel to them.  Food choices will typically be more geared towards eclectic preparations or a modern twist on an old dish.  New up and coming chefs like to prepare foods in a non-traditional way and these metal menu covers will give a little insight into this break from conformity.  Typically, the metal choices will consist of aluminum, stainless steel or even copper.  The aluminum and stainless steel styles will often have a brushed appearance, softening that hard metal feels.  Copper can make a great statement on its own and now there are even metals, like copper, that has a chemical patina added that creates a very unique and artistic feel to the look of the metal.  Metal is a great choice for the more modern feeling restaurant.

Plastic Menu Covers

More than a specific type of cover, the plastic menu cover is more of a class or category of covers.  This is due to the fact that the plastic styles can encompass thin, clear plastic to the more heavy duty variety.  The thinner type is more common with the menu that is printed on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper and then inserted into the cover.  These covers are designed really more for function.  They are helpful in that they can be cleaned easily with a damp and soapy rag and will provide a minimalist function.  Because these are the cheapest types of covers, it is less important to worry about them.  The restaurants and cafes that use these types are usually offering food choices that would be more for lunch or breakfast.  You will still find some restaurants serving dinner that uses a plastic menu cover, but it will not be found in a fine dining establishment.  This is fine.  Not all restaurants aspire to or serve the same customers and guests.  People looking for a spaghetti meal with the kids are going to have a different expectation than someone going on a date and looking for the chef so and so’s handmade pasta with squash flower appetizers.  So, don’t feel like you are being judged for your choice in covers, they all have a purpose and function.

This category was necessary as there are some special types of covers that could only be called custom or designer.  These would include woods, corks, and even some fabrics.  A custom menu cover is nothing more than a style that is designed for your particular restaurant’s needs or qualities.  For example, a restaurant known for its great wine list might opt to go for a cork cover for the wine menu.  This is one example of how you can keep the congruence that we mentioned earlier.  Similarly, you might opt to have a wood menu cover.  Fabrics such as linens and even silks could be custom designed as well.  These special or custom covers would really be used in a restaurant that isn’t doing a high volume type of business.  Not that every restaurant doesn’t want to be full all the time, it is just that these custom styles are a bit more prone to faster wear and tear and would cost much more to replace.  So, if you are able to serve your guests with more care and attention in this way, your pricing can be reflected here as well.  Of all the types of menu covers mentioned here, the only ‘right’ one is the one that fits the needs of you, your restaurant and ultimately your guests’ needs.

Kitchen Supplies

Custom Menu Cover Choices

You can find that sometimes in the restaurant business that being unique has its benefits.  I hope you could read through my subtly there:  being unique in the restaurant business is all you have!  If you are just like everything else that is out there, then there is really no need for people to come to your place is there.  The thing about us weird humans is that we are creatures of habit.  We like new and exciting things, but more than anything else, what we prefer en masse is consistency.  Now, don’t think that your simple menu cover is going to save you if your food is terrible.  This would be a very silly assumption, one I know you don’t share.

The point is this.  A reliable place to dine out is one of the reasons that many people give as to why they choose their favorite place.  Now, the food has to be good too, but not spectacular.  Did you get that?  Good or even great food is what is expected of your restaurant.  Unless you are going for a brand image like one of the larger chains or fast food places, your food better is the best or at least unique and exciting.  We get excited by very little things.  It could just be that the drinks have a little extra something about them, an umbrella, colored glasses, cool bar top, etc, etc.  Could your menu covers bring people into your restaurant?  Probably not, you get that one.  However, do you think they might be able to turn people away or at the least not wow them? Absolutely.

You see, it is up to you to entertain your guests with whatever means possible.  Since this site is about all the different types of covers for menus, that is what area we focus on here.  This can be an area where you create that subtle but effective congruent and consistent message to your guests.  Think about it. What attracts people to certain dining establishments?  Most often, when a restaurant is new, it has the buzz factor.  You know, it is the new kid on the block.  It gets the write-ups, the free press has the special offers and all the excitement that the staff has over their new ‘baby’.

Over time, some of the glitters can fade.  What will never change is how the food tastes and, probably just as important, is how they feel about their experience in your restaurant.  Your service is a big part of this equation.  Another big part is the small things that all add up.  The cleanliness, décor, table appearances, staff appearances, promptness, food consistency from visit to visit and, yes, your menu cover choices.  As much as you will never know how it affects the experience someone has, it does.

When you are playing at a higher level, the level where you even consider custom menu covers, then you get this.  You get that having a specially treated copper menu cover will definitely wow your guests.  The beautiful colors, the logo or artistic expression it makes.  It is a nice touch.  When you can wow people before they even try your food, this is a good thing.  In marketing, this is referred to as a ‘continuous yes’.  At each step of their experience in your restaurant, your guest is having an internal dialogue.  You want that internal dialogue to be answering, “yes, I like this place”.

A wood and fabric menu cover can also make a strong statement of individuality in a sea of like restaurants.  Think about it like a woman wears her jewelry.  Sure, there are other rings and necklaces like hers.  But, how about wearing handmade jewelry?  That’s even more appealing.  It is the same concept as your menu covers.  There are other styles, you just want yours to feel unique and special.  The truth is, if you open a place in a city where there is little competition, then you can probably write your menu on a napkin or chalkboard and people will still flock to your place.  However, as more and more restaurants come to town, the details are what will impress your guests.  Imagine presenting your guests with a menu that has a wooden cover, complete with your restaurant name or logo embossed in gold or silver.  You can also get a wood menu cover that has various patterns to it.

The same could be said for custom designed metal menu covers. These could be in the form of wood and metal combinations.  Or, like most custom metal designs, have a logo, image or text cut into the cover itself.  This marks these covers as yours.  They are unique, no other place in town has them.  It is like a brand for your menus.  How do you think someone senses that level of commitment and attention to individuality?  They like it, that’s how.  It makes them feel like there are in a special place, which means they must be special in some way too.  Did you ever

think that this much could be played into your ‘simple’ menu cover choices?  If you don’t think this is true, then you are literally handing over what could be very loyal and regular guests over to the other guy’s place.

Menu Cover Ideas

The search for the perfect match between menu and cover for that menu can seem daunting at first.  After all, you’d like for your guests to experience the best that your restaurant has to offer and feel good about what they see.  Your menu cover will be their first chance to get a sense of the style and consistency with your decor and food choices.  When we talk about topics like these, we are really getting into the nitty-gritty of what gives a restaurant or niche café staying power – these menu cover ideas do make a difference.

What you will notice of dining establishments that stick around long enough to be profitable for long periods of time is that they are consistent.  You’ve probably heard the saying that a huge part of success is just showing up.  In our case, this means showing up and being reliable and consistent.  Being reliable in many respects means that your restaurant’s design is consistent with your guest’s expectations.  Notice we haven’t even talked about the food yet.  When your menu covers reflect a certain personality that is also present in the food choices, you’ve just achieved another level of consistency.  What you will notice is that over time, maintaining this level of consistency breeds loyalty from your guests as well.

When people know what to expect from you – or your restaurant – they can be freer to recommend it to others.  If your style, service, food and other aspects are inconsistent, people get uncomfortable.  This can even mean changes that are designed to improve your establishment.  This doesn’t mean don’t improve, it means change with feedback and notice.  Allow your loyal guests to participate in the process where possible.

Have A Custom Menu Cover Contest

This is an example of something that can get your guests involved and also earn you some free press in the local media.  In this case, you could put the word out that your restaurant is holding a contest to design their new menu covers.  The winner of the custom menu cover contest will win a free dinner for four or something like that.  You could set the parameters such as material choices or even just have a place on the cover where the winning logo or text would appear.  This way, you could still maintain control over the main aspects of your design.

This is important because if you are set on getting leather menu covers with an elegant looking embossed image, you will not be inundated with metal designs or inserts for those simple plastic menu cover styles.  Something that has worked for some is to have a metal menu cover with a circle, oval or square space cut out of the center of the cover itself.  While certainly not a cheap menu cover choice, it will give you a considerably unique appearance.  This can then be fitted with a holder on the rear aspect of the main cover and can be made to hold an image or some sort of logo, shape or other design.

In the end, it is really a matter of choice as to how you will keep the covers for your menu consistent with the overall theme of your restaurant and food choices.  This is one of those things that seems very trivial to someone who has a hard time visualizing the details.  However, when all the little things work properly, it is much easier to work on larger aspects such as service and public relations.  After all, if the guests aren’t coming or returning, more importantly, then you don’t need any type of menu cover in the first place.


Guide To Choosing The Right Memory Foam Mattress

The Original Mattress Factory comes up with the objective to help every individual family to find the best foam mattress in the market. Every single home in America should get 100% factual evidence about different mattresses that can help them to have a sound sleep. Why should you choose Foam mattress? The unique functionality lies in its material that helps mold according to body type.

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best memory foam mattress guide

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IKEA mattressWhile looking through a variety of IKEA mattresses, we came across the two most improved mattresses. They are:

FURUDAL: It is a thick foam based mattress which consists of 3 layers and each of them is divided into 5 different comfort zones. If you want to offer complete support to the body, then this can be the ideal option. It appears to be lightest and also relieves pressure. Are you looking for a 100% cotton cover? FURUDAL offers the desired feature and comes equipped with lamb’s wool filling.

FORESTAD: Here comes the other type of IKEA mattress which is a 2 layered foam mattress. The top layer consists of memory foam whereas the bottom layer is made of high resilience foam. Once you get deep into the analysis of this mattress you will find that the bottom layer is again different into 5 comfort zones. Being highly adjustable according to body type, there is a possibility of enjoying amazing comfort.

SitN Sleep:

SitN Sleep mattressWhile browsing through different mattresses offered by SitN Sleep, our researchers at the original mattress factory came across a line of high quality and supreme mattresses which are primarily designed based on body type and needs. Keeping the health, prime concern, the brand has introduced an amazing line of mattress. The large selection of foam mattresses is available at best price. If you want to enjoy a great night sleep, SitN Sleep can be the ultimate choice.

Ensuring refreshing and comfortable sleep to every buyer’s which might contribute to the success of these mattresses. Focusing on well being and quality of life, each mattress undergoes the different quality test. Memory foam can easily sense the pressure and molds according to the body structure. Viscoelastic property found in such mattresses can reduce unwanted movements that are usually caused due to your partner’s movement.


Bob-O-Pedic mattressWhile we are discussing different brands and products of mattresses, Bob-O-Pedic surely needs to be mentioned. They are the highly rated brand found in the market which delivers the finest quality of memory foam mattresses. Why should you choose Bob-O-Pedic? Pricing can certainly influence the purchasing behavior of customers and therefore, this brand comes with the affordable mattresses that can certainly suit everyone’s pocket.

Bob-O-Pedic also offers mattresses in different sizes and thicknesses. But, as we are more concerned about the King size, the brand is eligible for delivering a vast range of design and style. Different level of firmness is assured to customers that can meet up to your needs.

Any brand offering mattresses at an affordable price without compromising quality is worth mention. One of the added advantages of this mattress is that instead of using standard memory foam, they adopt gel based foam which ensures cooler surface. Therefore, without paying any extra penny you can get gel-based memory mattress. Now, that is really amazing!

Ashley Furniture Memory Foam Mattress Review

Overall Rating: 4.1 Out Of 5 Stars

Mattress Dimensions:

  • Twin: 75 x 38 x 10 inches – Weight 40.2 Pounds(Shipping Weight)
  • Full: 75 x 53 x 10 inches – Weight 54.8 Pounds(Shipping Weight)
  • Queen: 80 x 60 x 10 inches – Weight 57 Pounds(Shipping Weight)
  • King: 80 x 76 x 10 inches – Weight 77 Pounds(Shipping Weight)

Price: $199.99 – $399.99(Full Price Chart At Bottom)

Introduction To The Ashley Furniture 10 Inch Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a kind of low-resilience polyurethane foam. Ashley Furniture 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress-Dual Layered-CertiPUR-US Certified-25-Year Warranty-Queen gives a feel which is medium firm. It provides support to the body and helps to get complete rest. It helps to correctly align the spine properly, which will protect from lower back pain. This memory foam mattress also improves the posture by making it stress-free. The memory foam is resistant to allergens as well as dust mites. The soft velour cover is also resistant to dust mites and allergens. This mattress has been tested for the safety of the utilization of different materials, physical performances, etc. However, the product guarantees that there are no ozone depleters, no mercury, no CFCs, no prohibited phosphates, no PBDEs and no formaldehyde. It also guarantees low emission for indoor air quality. No synthetic and no natural latex are present in this mattress.Ashley Furniture 10 Inch Foam Mattress

Ashley Furniture 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress-Dual Layered Main Features

  • This mattress has 2.5” memory foam comfort layer and 7.5” polyurethane foam base. This provides
    medium firm support. The mattress is overall 10” thick.
  • It is very soft. It also has a doughy consistency which allows it to adjust itself according to the pressure and weight that it has to bear.
  • It has an open-cell memory foam feature. It allows for constant air flow. This will help to keep the mattress cool and comfortable. This feature also makes the foams more resilient so that it does not hold the body impression for long. It also resists transfers of motion between sleeping partners.
  • This product also offers a 25-year warranty. This protects the mattress and at the same time covers against manufacturer’s defects.


  • Ashley Furniture 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress-Dual Layered-CertiPUR-US Certified-25-Year Warranty-Queen has an open cell memory foam which makes it very long lasting. It helps not to hold the mattress long-lasting impressions.
  • It is shipped vacuum packed and that makes it easy to set up. One has to just place it in the right position and remove the package and protective wrap and then just watch it expand. The package includes one queen mattress and cover.
  • It has a 25-year warranty.
  • It is also CertiPUR-USA certified which guarantees its safety.


  • If there are small body impressions on the mattress which is less than 1.5 inch, the warranty does not cover that.
  • If these are changes in softness or resilience the warranty does not cover that as well. So if there are certain changes in the performances of the mattress as far as the resilience is concerned it will not be replaced.

Most of the users have positive things to say about the product. People have said that Ashley Furniture Memory Foam Mattress-Dual Layered-CertiPUR-US Certified-25-Year Warranty-Queen had reduced their back pain. This mattress has even improved their body postures. Some people have seen minor valleys after using it for years, but however, they are of the opinion that the comfort level of the mattress is still the same.

Ashley Furniture 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress-Dual Layered Price Chart Review:

Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress:

List Price: $599.99
Price: $549.99
Sale: $199.99 FREE Shipping.
You Save: $400.00 (67%)

Full Size Memory Foam Mattress:

List Price: $749.99
Price: $699.99
Sale: $269.99 FREE Shipping.
You Save: $480.00 (64%)

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress:

List Price: $849.99
Price: $799.99
Sale: $289.99 FREE Shipping.
You Save: $560.00 (66%)

King Size Memory Foam Mattress:

List Price: $949.99
Price: $899.99
Sale: $399.99 FREE Shipping.
You Save: $550.00 (58%)

Why Should You Choose Memory Foam Mattresses?

Our research team has done an extensive study and has found different reasons which can influence you to buy memory foam mattresses. Memory Foam Mattress Kings-The Original Mattress Factory is concerned about the health of every individual and therefore we believe that it is our responsibility to deliver knowledge that can help in your purchase.

Do you know that Memory foam is a specialized type of foam? Yes, you have heard it right! The employees at MFMK – The Original Mattress Factory are memory foam experts. This special type of foam has the ability to easily contour’s body shape and equally distribute body weight so that pressure point can be prevented. The varieties of memory foam can also give an opportunity to make choice depending on need such as viscoelastic type, plant-based, and gel-based foam.

  • IKEA mattress offers a traditional memory foam mattress, whereas Bob-O-Pedic is eligible for delivering gel based foam mattress.
  • Heat, odor and mattress weight is not experienced
  • Durability, comfort and pain relief is ensured

Buying The Best Memory Foam Mattresses From The Original Mattress Factory

Our main objective at the Original Mattress Factory is to sight the top and improved foam mattresses and therefore, we have given a brief idea about the three companies that ensure the finest quality mattresses to customers. We do not believe in portraying the negativity of other companies rather reflecting the positive point of top companies is our sole aim. But, if you want to choose some other brands apart from the companies mentioned above, it is necessary to keep in mind a few things:

  • Thickness: Feel and fit of foam mattress can be analyzed by looking into the top layer of the mattress. Therefore, it is advised to choose the one that comes with 3” thickness. Though you might come across with thinner foams, but will not be able to offer you better support. Once you purchase 3” thick memory foam mattress, there is a chance of getting optimal support.
  • Density: The density is usually measured in pounds/cubic feet. You are recommended to choose memory foam that comes with 5lb density. Once you make a proper selection, it is possible to enjoy the mattress for a longer lifetime and optimal firmness is ensured. But, with lower density, you will have a soft feeling which might not give longer durability to the mattress.

The Memory Foam Mattress Kings – The Original Mattress Factory has reviewed different foam mattresses and comes up with the best list of mattresses so that customers can make the best choice. Once you have the idea about different brands and their products, you will be able to make the right choice.

Please look back at this guide as much as possible in order to match the mattresses you look at. You will be surprised as to the cheaper priced mattresses are exactly the same as the big name brands. Here at the Original Mattress Factory, we are here to help and guide you. We want you to have the mattress you deserve and sleep like a king or queen.


Basic Tips For Mounting Your Flat Screen TV On The Wall

So you have bought your newest flat screen television and cannot wait to watch it in style. But before you can indulge in being the viewer, you have to take care of a very important aspect of having a flat screen TV at home – you have to mount it on the wall first. Flat screen televisions are great because they are zero clutter and take up space only on the wall, thereby keeping the tables and the floors free. But, mounting it up on the wall itself is the primary task to be done before you can enjoy all these perks.

Decide your location

The first tip in wall mounting your television is to find the spot on the wall where you would like to mount the television. You have to consider a number of options like if there is any light reflecting on the screen, which will make it difficult to watch it. Also, it has to be placed from where you can see it straight and not at an angle. In order to decrease the uncomfortable screen glare, consider keeping it away from light source or tilting/swiveling the mount, if it has been places at a greater height. The location should also be closer to the electrical circuit for attaching the wires.

Attach mounting brackets

TV mounting bracket is what keeps your television mounted on the wall. You get both the TV portion of the bracket and the wall portion of it. First attach the TV portion of it at the back of the television. The holes for attaching it might be covered with plastic caps and need to be taken off with a screwdriver. Then attach the wall portion on your selected wall location. Always check the level you are attaching it at so that the television is mounted at a correct level. You can attach the wall bracket by using a drill to make holes and attaching it with screws.

Get the cables connected

Check out the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the cable wires. You can decide whether you want to route the wires inside the walls or conceal it outside. Keep the wires unplugged to the television while you are attaching it to the power outlet. Once that is done, you can attach it to the television.

Mount the television

Now comes the final part. Just lock the TV bracket to the wall bracket. Make sure every point is connected well. Double check for security. Also, never try to mount your flat screen TV alone. Ask for assistance while mounting it on the wall bracket.

Some safety tips

Always turn off the power outlets near the areas you will be drilling to avoid getting electrical shock. Before you drill, make sure the wall area behind the television does not have wires inside. This will avoid damage to the wiring of your house.

Now that your TV is mounted on your wall, just sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and indulge yourself in watching that favorite show of yours on a beautiful screen on the wall.


LG 47LK520 LCD TV Review

If you want high definition for your HD content, games and Blu-ray entertainment, there’s nothing better than 1080p Full HD.And if you want sports and fast action to be as crisp as they are exciting, TruMotion 120Hz virtually loses the blur and keeps the sizzle. The LK520 1080p LCD TV brings you both, along with the other great features that make LG TVs something better.


TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur. Now your TV can keep up with your fast-moving entertainment.


This stunning picture is the reason you wanted HDTV in the first place. With almost double the pixel resolution, Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV. You’ll see details and colors like never before.


Earning the ENERGY STAR means a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. For TVs, it means they save energy both in standby and active (when they’re on) modes. ENERGY STAR–qualified TVs use about 30% less energy than standard units.


Get easy self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels. Take the guesswork out of picture adjustments with this simple-to-use feature. It’s not actually magic, but it will sure seem that way.


Let your TV do the adjustments for you. Intelligent Sensor automatically optimizes the picture to the lighting and color conditions in the room for a more enjoyable viewing experience.


With our Smart Energy Saving Features, you can conserve money and energy.


LG’s ISFccc Ready HDTVs contain the detailed standards necessary for professional calibration of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, color levels and much more to meet local lighting conditions for both daytime and nighttime viewing. Settings are added to preset modes for easy access from your LG remote.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : LG
  • Model: : 47LK520
  • Display Technology: : LCD
  • Display Size: : 47 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:09

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 44.8 x 29.8 inches ; 44.8 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 53 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • Item model number: 47LK520
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)

Samsung LN46D630 LCD TV Review

Compromise on price but not on features. Samsung’s affordable 630 LCD HDTV series delivers Full HD resolution, playback of files from USB drives or over your home network from DLNA Certified devices, a wealth of HDMI inputs, and plenty more, all wrapped up in Samsung’ s eye-catching “Touch of Color” design.

An affordable 46-inch LCD panel with full HD resolution, DLNA/USB media playback, and other solid features.

Crisp, Clear Picture Quality From a TV With a True Sense of Style

1080p Full HD With Four HDMI Inputs

The LN46D630 delivers Full HD 1080p resolution, for a superb level of detail and clarity in your picture. To connect your sources, four separate HDMI inputs are provided, for delivering a Full HD picture and audio over a single cable.

Touch of Color Design

Samsungs “Touch of Color” design features a hint of amber color naturally blended into Samsungs traditional piano black bezel frame, for eye-catching style even when your TV is turned off.

The LN46D630 lets you stream content directly from DLNA Certified devices (PCs, network storage, etc.) over your home network.

Samsungs “Touch of Color” design features a hint of amber color naturally blended into Samsungs traditional piano black bezel frame.
Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards

The LN46D630 exceeds the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy by up to 30%. That means you get lower utility costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.

ConnectShare Movie

Connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily via the LN46D630′s USB port. An intuitive, user-friendly interface allows access to videos, music, or pictures via the remote.

Auto Motion Plus 120Hz with Clear Motion Rate

Auto Motion Plus 120Hz brings action movies and sports to life in the living room, thanks to frame-to-frame smooth motion. This technology eliminates motion blur by calculating the image and inserting it, creating a non-repetitive transition from one frame to the next. Blur is virtually eliminated and clarity enhanced, for smooth, lifelike motion.

AllShare DLNA Networking

For even more entertainment options, the LN46D630 lets you connect to your home network and stream music, videos, and photos from other DLNA Certified devices (your computer, network storage drive, etc.).

Game Mode

The LN46D630 features a “game mode,” which turns off much of the picture processing for a faster video response. This is ideal for fast-paced video sources like video game systems, and will help gamers get the performance they’re after.

Audio Performance

SRS’ TheaterSound, available in new Samsung HDTVs, is an all-in-one audio suite that directly addresses the three most common consumer TV audio complaints–inconsistent volume levels, unintelligible vocals, and poor, dimension-less sound. SRS helps ensure you get great audio from the LN46D630′s two 10-watt speakers, and additional technologies like Dolby Digital Plus and support for multi-channel sound (MTS) add even more on the sonic side of things.

PC Connectivity

The LN46D630 also features a PC input, so you an use it as a computer monitor.

  • 4 HDMI
  • 2 USB
  • 2 Component In (Y / Pb / Pr)
  • 2 (1: Common Use for Component Y) Composite In (AV)
  • 1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)
  • 1 PC In (D-sub)
  • 1 RF In (Terrestrial / Cable Input)
  • 1 PC Audio In (Mini Jack)
  • 1 (Common Use for PC Audio in) DVI Audio In (Mini Jack)
  • 1 Audio Out (Mini Jack)
  • 1 Ethernet (LAN)

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Samsung
  • Model: : LN46D630
  • Display Technology: : led-lit
  • Display Size: : 46 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:09

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 43.9 x 26.5 inches ; 41.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 56 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B004SNA992
  • Item model number: LN46D630


VIZIO’s M550SL 55-inch class Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps puts the best of the web right on your TV. Get instant access to on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos and more at the push of a button on the enhanced 2-sided remote with keyboard. Equipped with built-in WiFi (802.11n), it also boasts 1080p Full HD with Razor LED and 200,000 to 1 DCR for brilliant color and clarity in a razor thin design. SRS StudioSound HD delivers advanced virtual surround sound, and four HDMI ports connect your home theater, satellite or cable TV and Blu-ray Player. This energy saver also meets Energy Star 5.3 guidelines making it a friend to the environment and your wallet.

Wi-Fi Technology

The latest 802.11n Wireless Networking is built-in making connecting to the Internet quick and easy. Learn more about smart TVs in Amazon’s Smart TV Center.

Plug & Launch

Connecting is easy and hassle-free. Just turn on your HDTV and let the on-screen set-up wizard guide you through a few simple steps.

Browsing is a Breeze

A simple interface makes searching, browsing and switching between apps and internet content as easy as channel-surfing.

Automatic Updates

VIZIO Internet Apps automatically updates to ensure you’re always running the current version and accessing the latest content.

Crystal-Clear Full HD

Full HD gives you over 2 million pixels, making the clarity and detail of your picture razor-sharp. VIZIO’s 1080p Full HD enhances every image with dazzling clarity to deliver a lifelike picture with unparalleled precision and fidelity.

LED Brilliance

Premium Edge Lit LED lines your screen’s interior perimeter with dazzling LED backlighting, so you can enjoy first-rate color and brilliance packed into an amazing, ultra-thin profile.

Product Description

VIZIO’s M550SL 55″ Class Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps puts the best of the web right on your TV. Get instant access to on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos and more at the push of a button on the enhanced 2-sided remote with keyboard. Equipped with built-in WiFi (802.11n), it also boasts 1080p Full HD with Razor LED and 200,000 to 1 DCR for brilliant color and clarity in a razor thin design. SRS StudioSound HD delivers advanced virtual surround sound, and four HDMI ports connect your home theater, satellite or cable TV and Blu-ray Player. This energy saver also meets Energy Star 5.3 guidelines making it a friend to the environment and your wallet.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Vizio
  • Model: : M550SL
  • Display Technology: : LED-lit
  • Display Size: : 55 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:9

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 50.1 x 30.9 inches ; 52.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 70 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B007TEH0JY
  • Item model number: M550SL
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)



Philips 40PFL7505D/F7 LCD TV Review

With an ultra-thin LED display that offers rich colors, stunning clarity, and dynamic contrast, the Philips 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV features the ultimate resolution standard and TruSurround sound for a cinematic viewing experience in your home. A variety of connection options make it easy to add additional entertainment devices, and you can use this state-of-the-art HDTV to view photos, play music, or as a monitor for your PC.

Innovative Technology for Smooth Moving Pictures
With a 1920 x 1080p widescreen resolution and an ultra-thin frame, the Philips 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV offers the ultimate high-definition standard, progressively scanning images to bring you a smooth, flicker-free image. The HDTV features Philips’ Perfect Natural Motion technology, which works to eliminate juddering images and brings you smooth, clear moving images instead. With a 120 Hz rate (120 frames per second) for rapidly moving pictures and a super-fast response time of 2 milliseconds, this HDTV provides fluent motion and a vibrant picture even when there’s a lot of action on screen. You’ll need this kind of resolution for the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Perfect Pixel HD Offers Exceptional Image Quality
Because the Perfect Pixel HD Engine works by enhancing each and every incoming pixel and matching it to the surrounding pixels, you’ll see improved natural detail, vivid colors, and smooth motion with any signal type.

LED Lights for Superior Contrast
Revolutionary LED lights generate brilliant light for the bright scenes and dim light for the dark scenes, giving you extreme contrasts and vibrant images with minimal power consumption.

Audio Technology Gives Surround Sound Experience
Equipped with SRS TruSurround HD, the HDTV immerses you in a rich sound experience, giving surround sound quality with deep bass, high frequency detail, and crisp, clear vocals. For additional audio options, a Dolby Digital output is handy for connecting to your home theater system.

Multiple Inputs Cater to All Your Viewing Needs
You can quickly and easily connect to a cable or satellite box, camcorder, game console, Blu-ray disc player, DVD player, PC, and more with the HDTV’s multiple inputs. Four HDMI inputs with Philips’ EasyLink let you control the connected devices with the same remote control you use with the TV.

Energy Efficient Features Reduce Power Consumption
The HDTV’s power-saving features include low standby power consumption and high-efficiency materials, which combine to give the HDTV its Energy Star rating.

The Philips 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV is backed by a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box
Philips 40PFL7505D/F7 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV, TV base, power cord, cable holder, quick start guide, user manual, registration card, remote control, and batteries for the remote control.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Philips
  • Model: : 40PFL7505D/F7
  • Display Technology: : LED-lit
  • Display Size: : 40 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:9

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 38.2 x 23.5 inches ; 30 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 51 pounds
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B003DPM55W
  • Item model number: 40PFL7505D/F7

Samsung LN46C630 LCD TV Review

The Samsung LCD C630 features 1080p picture quality that’s so lifelike, you have to see it to believe it. A 120,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio enhances the brilliant picture with vibrant whites and deep blacks. And if action is your passion, you’ll never miss a piece of it with Samsung Auto Motion Plus 120Hz. It virtually eliminates blur so nearly every scene is filled with clarity. Take all of that and add our unique Touch of Color design which adds a hint of beautiful color to the bezel, and you have one truly remarkable HDTV.

Key Features

  • Screen Size: 46 inches
  • Full 1080p HD resolution: Enjoy the powerful picture quality, vivid colors and stunning clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution.
  • 120 Hz clear Motion Rate: Samsung 120 Hz technology allows you to see fast action with a smoothness thats clearly ahead of the competition.
  • Touch of Color: Exclusive Charcoal Grey Touch of Color design combines texture and color that can complement any room.
  • ConnectShare Movie: Connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily. User-friendly interface allows access to videos, a music
    playlist and pictures via the remote.
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards: Up to 43% more energy efficient than ENERGY STAR 4.0 minimum standards.
  • Game Mode enhances dark areas, sharpens the picture, speeds up the image processing response and enhances the sounds of your games. Picture and sound quality optimized for the special needs of gaming systems at the touch of a button.
  • Wide Color Enhancer Pro delivers the entire spectrum of color and luminance for rich, saturated images with intense detail.
  • BD Wise: Automatically adjusts all your componets for the best picture and sound quality.
  • AllShare: Sync up your entire household. A wired or wireless DLNA connection lets you stream your PC audio and video files to your HDTV using yoru remote.
  • 10 Watts x 2 audio power stereo broadcast reception: Supports multichannel sound (MTS)and second audio program (SAP) with 181-channel capacity.
  • DNSe: Delivers high-quality sound with more natural effects than conventional methods by reproducing the “genuine” stereo sound.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and 1 year labor warranty (90 days parts and labor for commercial use), backed by Samsung toll-free support.
  • Swivel Stand


  • 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface):
    3 back, 1 side
    HDMI makes it easy to connect your home theater with one cable per component.
  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Allows peripheral AV devices such as a DVD player to be controlled by a Samsung TV remote control.
  • USB: 2 side
  • PC input: 1 back


  • 51.3 x 33.3 x 3.4 inches (WxHxD)


  • 2010 LinkStick: Connect wirelessly to a world of digital content from Samsung. The LinkStick wireless LAN adaptor eliminates the hassle and cluttered look of wires. Learn more about the Samsung WIS09ABGN LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter.

Learn More

Wide Color Enhancer Pro

Delivers the entire spectrum of color and luminance for rich, saturated images with intense detail. Whereas blue and green shaded areas of the picture are washed out on conventional screens, wide color enhancer lets you experience more brilliant colors. Simply imagine a wider range of colors than you ever thought possible.


By being ENERGY STAR compliant you are assured that your Samsung model is helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency.

Which Size HDTV is Right for My Room?

With standard-definition TVs, the rule used to be that viewers would feel comfortable watching a set from a distance of 3 to 6 times the screen size in inches. With HDTV, the resolution is so much better that you can sit closer to a larger TV without noticing the pixels. So with HDTVs, the rule tends to be you can sit anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times the screen size (in inches) for the best experience.If you know the size of the room you have already, where you want to sit, and where your new HDTV should go once you get it, you can figure out the size HDTV you should get.
  • Minimum size = Viewing distance/3
  • Maximum size=Viewing distance/1.5

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Samsung
  • Model: : LN46C630
  • Display Technology: : LCD
  • Display Size: : 46 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:9

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 43.7 x 28.9 inches ; 48.1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 59 pounds
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B0036WT3RA
  • Item model number: LN46C630

Samsung 820TSn-2 Touch Screen LCD TV Review


The Samsung 820TSn-2 LFD monitor features an 82 inch wide screen. This Samsung touch LCD display comes equipped with IR technology and enhanced touch screen capabilities. The 820TSn-2 is a full 1080P high definition LFD monitor.

This Samsung touch LCD display incorporates a PIPPBP multi tasking functionality which means you can view two different visuals simultaneously. The pivot technology featured in the 820TSn-2 Samsung touch LCD display lets you view images in either portrait or landscape mode.

The Samsung 820TSn-2 comes with built in speakers that truly complement a rich multimedia experience. With four different types of anti image retention technologies the Samsung 820TSn-2 guarantees more resilience.

By using the MagicInfo-Pro content management software included with this Samsung touch LCD display you can manage and distribute your content remotely. Samsung 820TSn-2 also lets your create impressive 5 x 5 video walls.

With a bouquet of attractive features the Samsung 820TSn-2 is a perfect fit for large scale conferencing facilities auditoriums mass scale marketing and a lot more. This Samsung touch LCD display comes with a 3 mm protective LCD glass sheet which ensures the durability of this LFD monitor in commercial environments.


  • 82 inch wide interactive touch screen display.
  • Full HD 1080p resolution.
  • Pivot technology for dynamic image orientation.
  • Extended LCD life with four different types of anti image retention technologies.


  • Samsung 82 inch 820TSn-2 Touch Screen LCD Display
  • User Manual
  • Samsung 82 inch 820TSn-2 Touch Screen LCD Display Quick Start Guide

Date First Available: June 9, 2010

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Samsung
  • Model: : 820TSN-2
  • Display Size: : 82 inches
  • Refresh Rate: : 60

How To Put Up 6 LCD Monitors With Pwr+® Hexa 6 TV Table Mount

You may need to fit 6 LCD or LED TVs in a row or two, and would need a strong and supportive desk mount stand. It is then that you will need the Pwr+ Hexa TV Table Mount Stand. It’s a perfect base of 24” for mounting 6 LCD or LED TVs at a time. The multi-beneficial mount comes in strong and high quality steel together with some aluminum to keep the overall weight of the stand lighter for ease of movement and portability.

Reviewing the Pwr+ Hexa

While reviewing the product, what we found is that, the 6 articulating heads in the stand, are capable of giving the TVs a full 360 degree rotation and 90 degree swivel; thus enabling the switch over from landscape to portrait viewing and vice-versa in a flash. The TVs can also be tilted 180 degrees at the upper and lower horizons for better positioning so that you may avoid any glare and reflection that can interfere with smooth viewing.

The row arms in the stand are completely adjustable, and owing to the bigger or smaller TV size, you may change the settings and spacing.

The stand comes with a 30 days money back warranty and an 18 months exchange and spare parts warranty from the company. However, the fully DIY and easy to assemble mount won’t need you to call the company hopefully, as the product is of high quality and can be handled by anyone.


  • Light weight yet sturdy
  • Easy assembling
  • Fully adjustable and spacing can be altered upon TV size
  • Fits monitors with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm mounting patterns
  • TVs can be easily swiveled, rotated, and tilted


  • If you do not fit all TVs it may not look good aesthetically.

Concluding Notes

You may need to fit monitors for multiple camera angles, and any such purpose would meet requirements with this Pwr+ Hexa TV Table Desk Mount Stand aptly.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : PWR+
  • Model: : 457-PWR57-54717
  • Item Package Quantity: : 1

PWR+® LED TV Desk Mount – Why It Is A Lifetime Companion For Your LED TV

The Pwr+ ergonomically designed TV mount for LED and LCD TVs, is a great option for people who are looking for highly sturdy and supportive, yet light weight solution to their TV fixing; along with provisions for creating some extra workspace. The mount supports TV sets from 13”-27”.

Reviewing the Pwr+ LED LCD TV Mount

The make is of steel and aluminum, and as a result it is very strong because of steel and quite light weight because of aluminum. It has two jointed arms that work in unison to create a perfect stand for your TV, which freely swivels, rotates and tilts smoothly. Tilts are limited to plus and minus 15 degrees, while rotation and swiveling are subjected to the 90 degree movement of the articulating arms.

Widescreen TV from 13” to 27” can be fitted in it. Even desktops can be fitted on it, and the fitted screen can be adjusted to any comfortable height for viewing. You may change between landscape and portrait viewing modes by the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of the mounting head.

Besides the product is guaranteed good enough to work great lifelong and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • Total hardware backup
  • Strong yet light weight frame
  • Frame design gives agility to swivel and rotate fully
  • TV up to 27” supported very sturdily
  • Comes with lifetime warranty, and a 30 day money back and 18 months exchange warranty


  • The design makes the unit look big and extended, however extended functionality overcomes this area.

The design and built of the PWR+ wall mount is different from other wall mounts in market, and this strong yet light weighted design is a great power feature of the mount. It provides more agility to TV than others, and is a must buy for 13”-27” LCD and LED TV owners.

Technical Details

  • Model: : 426-PWR57-54717

Getting the Best TV View – Twist The TV Wall Mount with Cheetah ALAMLB

The Cheetah ALAMLB TV Wall Mount, supporting 23”-55” LCD and LED TVs, offers a unique feature of fully rotating ball head, which rotates 360 degrees and enables the TV to be rotated from portrait to landscape view and vice versa in a zap. What makes it even better is the life time guarantee the company provides for it.

Review of the Cheetah TV wall mount

The Cheetah TV wall mount is made of high quality metal that gives it enormous strength, so that there is no chance of the TV crashing down. The extendible arm enables swiveling and rotating the TV with great agility. Tilting up to 15 degrees at either ways is possible. The wing pieces on the arms are detachable.

The packaging for the product is done so well and neatly by the company, by including all hardware needed for fittings, that it’s really commendable. Manual included has all instruction in clear English in very legible fonts. A high speed, jacketed HDMI Ethernet cable is included too. To make mounting leveled the company also includes a 6” 3-axis magnetic bubble level.

The mount is fit and powerful to support TVs of various sizes from 23” to 55”, and is perfect to support the weight of the varied range and sizes of TVs with its adjustable wings.


  • Strong make and design
  • Articulating extension head that gives the TV great rotation, swivel and tilt
  • All required hardware for installation included in package
  • Lifetime guarantee of the manufacturer
  • Extension of 20” possible from wall, and contraction of the arm by 2.4” possible too
  • It fits 23” – 55” LED and LCD TVs
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Includes HDMI jack


The product is nearly perfect to point out scopes for more perfection.

All in all it’s a perfect piece of metal to give total support to all LED and LCD TVs together with giving them, smooth rotation and tilt.


Mounting TV Much Easier With Videosecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount

Competitive price and design

Mounting LED or LCD TVs on wall needs to be done securely in a sturdy base, so that the danger of the TV smashing down to floor because of weak supports can be totally eliminated. While reviewing the VideoSecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount, I found it is very sturdy, well built with great balance with the options to move your TV at any comfortable angle. It also can be expanded and contracted as required from the wall. The most interesting things about the TV mount are that, it’s a completely DIY set that just anyone can handle, and comes at an exceptionally low price.

Elaborating the impressive features and drawbacks

As this is a quick review of the VideoSecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount, I will cover all the important features of the model, the first being the great sturdy design. High quality metal frame provides great strength. The TV fitted can be flexibly moved to a comfortable height or angle, and the unit can be brought forward from wall for up to 20”. Again it can be contracted 1.9” towards wall to save space. To aid in easy installation the VESA plate which is detachable can be removed.


  • Anyone can install it easily within a very short time
  • Strong metallic frame gives it immense strength
  • Can be used for a wide range of TV sizes from 22’- 42’’
  • Can be contacted and expanded on requirement
  • TV can be swiveled, tilted and rotated easily
  • Very low price which is unexpected because of the high quality of the product
  • Comes with HDMI cable


There is very low scope of improvement as it has been a super satisfying product. The more you will use it over time; you will like it and also recommend it to other people.


Get Better Viewing By Installing Your LED/LCD TV On Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Bracket

The fun of watching a LCD or LED TV is taken away if the viewing angle is not correct. The arrangement of your living room needs to be completely rearranged to ensure that your sofa set is properly placed to give you the right viewing angle. To avoid all the hassle, the best thing to do is mount your LED or Plasma TV on a wall mount bracket with full motion swing.

Capable to handle from 42 inches to 70 inches, Mount It! TV Wall Mount Bracket is the best selling swivel mount. The wall mount offers an extension of 20 inches, a tilting angle of +/- 15 degrees and a swivel of 60 degrees on either side. The kit contains the mount, along with that comes the mounting hardware as well as a user manual.

The benefits of mounting your LED or LCD TV on the Mount It! Wall Mount Bracket is that once the TV viewing is over you may fold it back to the wall thereby saving a lot of space in your living room. Also, the extension feature allows you to access the back panel of your TV with much ease and comfort. Many TVs come with the connectivity ports on the back panel hence access to the back panel is required.

The pros of the mount

  • Very heavily built and sturdy in nature that gives enough support to the 125lb TV.
  • The dual swivel arm provides swivel angle which is pretty high at 60 degrees each side which provides excellent viewing angles.
  • The installation process is made easy with the inclusion of the installation manual.

The cons of the mount

The only negative aspect that could be found about the wall mount is that the quality of the screws and bolts could have been a bit better. Else, it’s a unit worth getting a 5 on 5.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 4 x 10 inches ; 34 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 34 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B002CTV060
  • Item model number: MI-310L

LG 50PN6500 Plasma TV Review

LG 50PN6500 is believed to be a great seller of the year! This attributes to the product’s affordability and design. The novel device is very cheap. It does not cost several thousand dollars. LG has produced several hot sellers and LG 50PN6500 is one such device.

A smooth TV

LG 50PN6500 is a plasma TV that offers high picture quality. It ordains users a smooth movie experience. This brand has showcased a significant amount of improvement in picture clarity and quality and has emanated an enhanced movie experience. The plasma TV plays effectively in dark rooms plus it brings to life a grand mishmash of home colors. This adds natural colors to the living room.

Unique Black Levels of A TV

The sensational device allows side angle viewing. The plasma TV facilitates perfect viewing angles, with its black levels. Unlike many other LEDs, the product does not lose its contrast or black levels in an abrupt manner.

A TV for inquisitive viewers

On the downside, there are few users who are not happy with the product’s compatibility. The device does not play certain formats. Nevertheless, the potential buyers can use the LG 50PN6500 with many other devices. For example, you can pair the television with any Bluray player. The smart TV supports online streaming. Novice users can make use of the TV’s picture wizard to ascertain their image settings. Thus, you can enjoy several hours of hassle free entertainment, with the novel PN6500!

A TV that redefines music

“It is a wonderful TV, the product has an amazing sound system and clear picture”, is a common statement given by those who have bought the TV. LG 50PN6500 supports fine sound quality. The mind blowing device is designed to depict background scores and voice in a realistic manner! The device has an all new speaker system. This has made the product, famous amongst several other TVs.

A customer friendly TV

Another important feature that enhances the fame of LG 50PN6500 would be its affordable pricing. The plasma TV delights buyers with its sensible pricing, flawless pictures, great sound system, appeasing looks and essential slots! This has helped LG 50PN6500 reach a good position in the TV rating tables.

Screen Size Class 42″, 50″ 50″, 60″ 60″
Resolution HD 720p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
Refresh Rate 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving
LG Smart TV
Magic Remote w/ Voice
Dual Core Processor
3D (active)
Wi-Fi® Built-in
PenTouch Ready
Clear Voice II
Picture Wizard II
Intelligent Sensor
Smart Energy Saving
HDMI Inputs 1 (Side), 1 (Rear) 1 (Side), 1 (Rear) 2 (Side), 1 (Rear)
USB Inputs 1 (Side) 1 (Side) 2 (Side), 1 (Rear)

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : LG
  • Model: : 50PN6500
  • Display Technology: : PLASMA
  • Display Size: : 50 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:09